Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 13

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 13 As You Wish, Princess

“Or perhaps I came at the perfect time.” It continued with a hint of amusement.

Ann’s eyes widened. She recognized that voice! Of all the times he could have arrived, Alpha Nocturne chose now.

“I don’t know who the f*uc*k you think you are but this has nothing to do with you so back off!” Brad snarled as he slowly turned around.

Ann heard an excited squeal and as she glanced across at Lexi, she noticed that she wore an expression of delighted horror as she stared expectantly at the two males in front of her.

Ann wished the ground would swallow her whole where she stood as she turned with morbid interest to see where how this would play out.

Adam stood his ground, staring impassively at Brad’s shaking figure as it turned to face him. A wry smile found its way onto his face as Brad locked eyes with him and froze.

“What… this has nothing to do with you Alpha Nocturne. It’s simply a spat between two mates, that’s all. It’s nothing serious.” Brad offered, the tremor in his voice giving his nervousness away.

Lexi sniggered.

“Don’t lie, Brad. Ann rejected you, for sticking your d*ic*k in her sister and getting her pregnant.” She grinned, her eyes flashing wickedly as she spoke.

Brad growled in Lexi’s direction as Adam took on a thoughtful expression and jammed his hands into his pockets. He c*oc*ked his head and dragged his eyes over Brad’s disheveled appearance and tutted loudly, shaking his head sadly.

“Is this how the young Alpha’s conduct themselves these days?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow. “It’s a pity… standards have really fallen since I last visited other packs.”

Lexi clapped excitedly and Ann felt a pang of pity for Brad.

‘Don’t you dare, Ann…’ Maeve hissed.

‘I rejected him, Maeve… he doesn’t need to be kicked when he’s down…’

‘Kicked when he’s..? Are you stupid? Why do you care about his feelings when he gave such little regard for your own when he was f*uc*king Ada. Get a grip, Ann. He’s getting everything he deserves.’

Ann scowled. She didn’t agree with Maeve on this and as Brad began to respond she stepped between them both hurriedly, much to Maeve’s disgust.

“Alpha, please. There are things better left unsaid in public spaces. This shouldn’t have happened here.” Ann interrupted calmly, smiling up at Adam.

Adam was silent for a few minutes as he stared at her speculatively, an unreadable expression on his face before finally, he inclined his head gracefully.

“As you wish, princess.” He smirked, as he lifted his eyes and shared a glance full of hidden meaning with her.

Ann felt her cheeks flush immediately and she shifted awkwardly on the spot.

“Do you two know each other?” Brad asked through narrowed eyes, as he glared disbelievingly between the two of them.

Ann remained silent. She had agreed to say nothing about this arrangement with Alpha Nocturne to anyone. It would be better if he handled any questions. That way, only the information that he wanted people to know would be out there.

Not that Ann cared. She would just rather avoid the drama and gossip of the tabloids for a little while longer. Whoever said all press was good press was sorely mistaken.

Adam chuckled as he grabbed hold of Ann’s hand and pulled her to his side, spinning her slightly as he did so. She collided clumsily with his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around her, holding her tightly to his side.

Ann swallowed nervously as she watched Brad’s face darken. He looked like he was about to commit murder. “We were recently acquainted, yes,” Adam answered nonchalantly, his arm still held tightly around her.

Brad’s gaze was focused intently on the spot where Adam had his large hand rested. His fingers curled comfortably around Ann’s arm, almost protectively, as he watched Brad’s behavior carefully.

“Take your hands off her.” Brad ground out slowly, his lips curved into a menacing sneer.

Ann could see Brad’s wolf dancing on the surface of his eyes, and she could only imagine the emotions that he was going through. This was not a fight that he could win.

Adam chuckled and only tightened his grip around her, grinning wickedly as he did so. 

“She rejected you, Brad. I think you’ll find Ann can do as she pleases and…I don’t see her resisting. Do you?”

Brad growled loudly as Adam turned to face Ann, ignoring the aggression that Brad was oozing completely. He wasn’t threatened in the slightest by his posturing.? “Ann, are you ready to go? The car is waiting outside.” Adam said with a smile that would make any woman melt instantly.

“You aren’t taking her anywhere…” Brad snapped reaching for Anne and she stepped back.

“As I said before, that is her decision to make,” Adam said firmly.

He took a step towards Brad and although his face remained impassive, Ann could feel the tension in the air. He watched Brad like a hawk, silently a*s*sessing his every movement as Brad was slowly, but surely losing control of his wolf.

And then finally, he snapped.

With a ferocious roar, he threw himself at Adam, snarling and clawing wildly in his direction.


Adam sighed and with startling speed and agility, swiftly sidestepped his frontal a*s*sault, shoving Brad in the back and sending him sprawling across the table to the side.

Brad snarled as he pushed himself up quickly, his face flushed scarlet in a mixture of rage and embarra*s*sment. Without thinking he threw himself at Adam again.

Adam snorted in disbelief at the impulsiveness of the young Alpha. He waited until he was just inches away and sidestepped again, moments before he would have connected.

His arm shot out and Adam’s large hand gripped the back of Brad’s neck as he f0rced him downwards and pinned him to the floor in one swift movement.

Maeve purred approvingly at the display from Alpha Nocturne and Ann rolled her eyes internally at the ease with which her wolf was impressed.

As Brad struggled against Adam’s grip, Adam merely squatted beside him with a mildly annoyed look on his face.

“Is this really necessary? You’re behaving like a hormonal teenager.” He commented in a bored tone. 

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