Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 125

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 125 The Darkest of Threats

“He means since I shifted at all, Ann,” Adam said softly as Ann turned to face him with a look of surprise on her face.

Adam looked across at Allen and smiled almost nostalgically.

“What was I, 12? 13 maybe?” he asked with a frown as Allen nodded.

“Yeah, around that age. I remember the uproar from you having shifted so early… it was practically unheard of. You were big even back then, I wonder how much you have changed since then. I know you went for a run with Ann, but I…”

“We didn’t go for a run that night, Allen. We were with Lexi and her father when you could not find us.” Adam said matter of factly.

He did not want any more lies or secrets between them and being honest about all of the little details that he had glossed over seemed a good place to start.

A strong pack had a cohesive team running it at the top. He had his Luna and trusted her implicitly and now that the curse had been lifted and his wolf could finally sense his Beta’s intentions, he knew it was time to strengthen those bonds.

Having their wolves bond with a run was a smart idea and as much as he wanted to carry Ann to their room and let Baldur lay claim to his mate properly, without fear of her disappearing ever again, it could wait a few hours.

Allen nodded slowly, no hurt or disappointment on his face. Just acceptance.

“I understand there were reasons for this at the time. Perhaps you will open up to me a little more now that the darkest of threats have passed.” Allen said seriously. Before Adam could respond, Lexi answered him instead. “The darkest of threats? They haven’t passed at all beta boy. Whilst Adam’s curse may have been lifted, dark witches do not operate independently you know? Behind Ada’s and Narcissa’s actions is most likely a coven headed by a Daemon of some sort with a ridiculously convoluted goal. So sure, the threat to your pack from Adam’s disconnection with his wolf is gone, but the threat to the kingdom, or perhaps this realm itself remains.”

Allen stared at her levelly before turning to face Adam again and quirking a half smile.

“If all that is true, then it appears having our wolves build their relationship, and that of our packs will be paramount in the battles to come Alpha.”

Adam nodded curtly and pulled Ann into his side, squeezing her tightly and laying a kiss on her forehead once more before standing and gesturing towards the door.

“We should run, Allen, it has been too long that’s for sure. We have a lot to discuss whilst our wolves let loose for a while,” he said seriously before turning to Ann with a wicked glint in his eye.

“And you, my mate, don’t expect to be getting much sleep tonight, I intend to claim every inch of your body as my own.”

Ann swallowed nervously in anticipation.

Right now, there was nothing that she wanted more in the world than to have him buried between her legs.

Lexi and Ann had chatted a little more before retiring to their rooms. Considering everything that she had been through today, Ann was proud of herself for managing to stay awake this long.

She changed out of her loungewear and slipped into a lacy black silk slip that didn’t leave much to the imagination and grinned in satisfaction as she examined herself in the mirror.

With any luck, this would provoke exactly the kind of reaction that she wanted from Adam, and this time, there would be no feelings of disillusionment when his beast took control.

She was his and he was hers, if it became a little too much when he plundered her body and took what he needed, then she would step back and allow Maeve the ple@sure of dealing with the beast.

They were made for each other after all.

‘Perhaps my wants and needs might be a little too much for the Alpha.’ she snickered.

‘Maybe he just wants to a*s*sert his dominance over you Maeve, have you submitted to him and be a good girl…’ Ann teased.

‘He can f*uc*king try, it won’t happen.’ Maeve growled lightly back, earning a giggle from Ann as she tidied things away and slid into bed.

‘Maeve, you think the Elders will make the right decision when it comes to Narcissa and Ada don’t you?” Ann asked as she lay staring at the ceiling.

‘It’s not the Elders that I’m worried about.’

“What do you mean?’

‘It’s your idiot of a father that I’m most worried about. He’s been under Narcissa’s control for so long, how do we even know if that b*tch has got her claws out of him completely?’ to

Ann grimaced. She had a point.

‘I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I doubt they’ll leave the trial too long honestly. They can’t afford for the news of this to get out. It would only add fuel to the fire of those packs who are calling for the monarchy to be abolished.’ Ann sighed heavily.

‘I can’t really blame them though. It’s been a bit of a S*hi*t show with your dad at the helm since Narcissa came along. They just need convincing and a firm hand to guide them again. Shouldn’t be a problem with us as the ruling Alpha Queen.” Maeve replied with a smirk.

‘Ruling though? I do not know the first thing about that.’ Ann said as her stomach flipped uncomfortably.

Maeve snorted.

‘We will be fine. You have at least some experience of the diplomacy needed with all the functions you attended with your father. I suppose it is just a case of waiting for the old farts get over the fact that a woman will be in charge this time.’ Maeve smirked.

Ann chuckled to herself.

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