Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 116

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 116 The Treachery of Men

Ann’s heart felt as though it had shattered into minuscule pieces as she stared soullessly at the image of Adam on the monitor in front of her.

Why was he here? Why did he seem so friendly with that vile little… what the f*uc*k was he doing in Ada’s room?

Narcissa’s mocking laughter filled her ears.

“Not so sure of yourself now are you?” She smirked as she spat at her feet. “None of you are any better than the animals that you harbor inside of you… slave to your basic instinct and impulses. You weren’t made to rule, you were meant to be ruled by a firm hand. You all just need a little breaking in first… that’s all.”

So that was her plan… take over the Kingdom and have the wolves do her bidding or her masters. Ann was simply in her way as the heir to the throne and that’s exactly what both Ada and Narcissa wanted…her own place on the throne.

“So you want the throne…”

“Of course I do you, silly little girl. Why else would I waste some of the best years of my life with a murdering imbecile like your father? I will destroy him and his family as completely as he did mine. This isn’t just personal though, this has been a long time coming.” Narcissa snarled.

“I don’t understand…” Ann frowned as she searched for something, anything to distract her from the p@inful sight of Ada attempting to seduce Adam on screen.

Even though they were only contracted mates, it still hurt like hell. He was the last person that Ann had ever thought would betray her yet there he was… stabbing her in the back with none other than Ada.

Even though Ann knew she wasn’t related by blood to her anymore, it still stung considering Adam knew all about their history.

It just didn’t make sense. He had stuck by Ann through everything and agreed with each point regarding Ada. She couldn’t wrap her head around why he would suddenly have a change of heart and chase after Ada so eagerly, i

Even if he was under some sort of spell, it still didn’t make up for the p@in that coursed through her the longer she watched their interaction.

She swallowed the p@in though and stared resolutely ahead.

What right did she have to be angry at Adam anyway? They weren’t true mates… there was nothing tying him to her other than that damn contract, i

She was a fool to have fallen for him when it was clear that this was all just a business arrangement to him.

‘But… we married him, Ann…’ Maeve’s faint voice whimpered. ‘He loves us too…’

Ann could feel the tears pricking at her eyes as the telltale burning sensation that usually preceded them a*s*saulted her quickly.

She couldn’t find the words to answer her. Ann wanted to retort sarcastically but it wouldn’t do any good. Maeve

wasn’t furious, she was sad. She had thought that Adam was a good option as a chosen mate, but seeing him climb into bed with their nemesis was too brutal for even her to cope with.

“Awww look. Don’t they make a wonderful couple, Ann? King Adam and Queen Ada… doesn’t it sound lovely?” Narcissa crooned smugly as she zoomed the camera on the screen in to focus better on where Ada now sat atop Adam, looking down at him smugly.

Ann didn’t want to watch but at the same time, she just couldn’t tear her eyes away from the screen.

As Ada leaned forwards to place her lips on Adams, Ann finally gave in and her eyes flickered closed, a lone tear slipping down the side of her face.

“Awww. Does it hurt? The treachery of men is always so p@inful, isn’t it? Although I have to say, I thought there would be much more screaming and shouting considering he’s your second chance fated mate, and you managed to lose this one too.”

Ann didn’t bother to respond. She was too busy forcing herself to swallow the emotions that threatened to spill over and she refused to give Narcissa the satisfaction. “You’re pathetic, Ann. Just like your mother. If you truly loved them that much, then you would fight for them. If you loved them right at the beginning, then they would never have done this to you in the first place.” Narcissa sneered.

She glanced towards the screen and as she saw Ada pull the duvet over where and Adam lay, she flicked the screen off and drained the last of the liquid in her glass. “I’ll grant you this small mercy Ann so that you don’t have to watch them make love to each other. After all, you know what she’s capable of and you can see for yourself exactly what’s happening… you aren’t that naive to not understand the mechanics of the birds and the bees now are you?” She smirked.

Ann opened her eyes and scowled furiously at her. “And what exactly does this achieve Narcissa? You could have just k*il*led me and be done with it. Why are you being so needlessly cruel?”

“Again, why wouldn’t I be so cruel? I don’t want you dying still thinking that you are loved and that he will be devastated when he finds your lifeless corpse. The truth is Ann, he doesn’t give a S*hi*t about you. No man ever does. Your worth is determined by nothing more than the space between your legs and the sooner you give up on such ridiculous notions as true love and this fated mate bond, then life will be a little more bearable for everyone.” Narcissa sneered as she strode to the door way and turned to look disdainfully at Ann.

“Now, I’m going to play a little with my new toy. I think I’ll leave the door open so that you can hear his screams, it will add to the ambiance of the place for you. It must be a little too quiet for you in here, right?”

“f*uc*k off Narcissa. I hope you get what’s coming to you and more!” Ann spat furiously at her, but she just laughed lightly and waved her hand dismissively.

“Everyone always does, darling. I’ll be back soon. When I do return,” She continued darkly, with a sinister expression on her face, “Then it will be time for me and you to have a little more fun.”

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