Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 115

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 115 A heartless, Soulless Witch

Ann had no idea how much time had passed since she had been brought here. Beyond Narcissa and Ada, there didn’t seem to be any other signs of life down here.

As much as she strained to hear beyond the closed door, no sounds were forthcoming and she ground her teeth in frustration. The silence was deafening and she had lost all feeling in her arms now.

The numbness was still preferable to the burning p@in that had coursed through her previously though.

Narcissa had returned again not long after she and Ada had removed Brad from her cell and taken him to places unknown. She swept in humming to herself pushing a table on casters in front of her, with a television screen perched on the top.

On the bottom shelf sat a tray with a few glasses and a jug of some sort of drink. Whatever it was, Ann didn’t think she would be accepting it in a hurry. Chances were that she would wind up dead with one sip if she even dared give in to her thirst.

She watched Narcissa through narrowed eyes, tracking her path across the small room, completely ignoring Ann as she did what she needed to do. When she was done, she exhaled happily, dusted her hands off on her skirts, and left the room again without so much as a backward glance at Ann.

As soon as she had shut the door behind her, Ann looked toward the screen that she had set up in front of her with a suspicious gaze and frowned.

It wasn’t likely that this was something given to her out of the goodness of their hearts… it was damn obvious that their hearts were as black as their souls, and this left her wondering what was to come next.

She felt Maeve begin to stir slightly inside of her, not much, just a flutter of her awareness brushing against her own as the door opened and Narcissa breezed in again, this time staring at Ann with a malicious glint in her eyes, her expression full of anticipation.

“You need to let Brad go… you’ve caused him enough p@in.” Ann hissed, her anger simmering under the surface.

“Do I? I don’t think so. I think putting him out of his misery is a far more… humane option for him… don’t you?” Narcissa smirked as she flicked the television screen on and turned to face Ann with a flicker of barely suppressed rage smoldering in her eyes.

“But you wouldn’t understand humanity Ann… your kind isn’t capable of recognizing that sort of emotion.” Narcissa sneered.

“And you think you’re any better?” Ann laughed humourlessly, “The chaos that you’ve caused in this household alone and the evils that you’ve committed… I know what you are Narcissa…”

Narcissa smiled curiously and c*oc*ked her head.

“Do you now?” she chuckled, her eyes glittering with amusement. “I don’t think you do, Ann. Not entirely. I think that all you had was a few suspicions and you’ve put them together to make something else.”

“You’re a dark witch aren’t you? Am I wrong?” Ann spat, “A heartless, soulless witch…”

“Oh spare me the holier-than-thou att*itude, Ann. You werewolves have done far worse over the centuries so don’t you dare pass judgment on me.” She hissed in reply. “Perhaps if you look closely enough at your own history you’ll see that your kind has committed far more atrocities than you could ever imagine.” Narcissa retorted in a dangerously low voice.

“The past is irrelevant. Nothing is deserving of..” “You know nothing, Ann. NOTHING.” Narcissa roared suddenly as she raked her nails across Ann’s face, leaving angry red welts across the surface of her skin.

Maeve stirred a little more at the sudden attack and Ann’s heart leaped in excitement. If she could just keep her talking a little longer, there was a chance…

Narcissa appeared delighted with the marks that had appeared on Ann’s face and ran her fingers along them, almost lovingly.

“Oh Ann, I’m going to enjoy watching your destruction …perhaps I’ll save you for my lord…. considering the trouble you’ve caused. You have no idea how irritating your little rivalry with Ada has been… so much work completely derailed..” Narcissa sighed theatrically as she whirled around and practically skipped across to the table with the screen on, bending forward and grabbing a glass of the liquid below.

She took a deep gulp before topping it up and turning to Ann with a smirk playing at the corners of her mouth.

“I’d offer you one but, you know… I would rather you suffer as much as possible whilst you watch the little show that’s about to start.” Narcissa crooned as she moved the table a little closer and began to pace around Ann.

“Watching your heart break all over again…watching your tears fall … oh Ann… it will be exquisite,” Narcissa whispered in an almost reverent tone.

Ann clenched her jaw as she tried desperately to resist the urge to turn and glare fiercely at Narcissa. That was what she wanted, the reaction, and Ann refused to give her it.

“What are you talking about Narcissa? There’s nothing left that you could possibly do to destroy me completely.” Ann finally answered in a voice as calm as she could possibly make it.

Narcissa raised an eyebrow and gestured to the screen in front of them.

“Oh really? Then watch and we’ll see how true those words are…”

Ann reluctantly turned her eyes to the screen before her and snorted.

“You can laugh now, Ann, but we’ll see how long it takes for your disbelief to evaporate.” Narcissa shrugged as she sipped at the concoction in her glass.

Ann willed herself not to roll her eyes as she turned her eyes to the screen in front of them and frowned slightly as she realized the image on the screen in front of her was that of Ada’s room.

Ann pursed her lips bitterly as the memories of seeing Brad with Ada on the same bed resurfaced. She remembered the heartache, but it wasn’t anywhere near as p@inful now.

Her stomach flipped as the door opened and Ada walked in, laughing in that devious way of hers with her head thrown back and all smiles, as if the person she was with was the most important person in the world.

She strode forwards confidently, grinning up at the camera briefly before turning to look over her shoulder and say something to whoever was accompanying her.

Ann’s heart began beating wildly as her eyes landed on the figure that walked nonchalantly through the door, pursuing Ada and approaching her with a smile and his arms outstretched.


She couldn’t go through this again…  

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