Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 111

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 111 Next Move

Narcissa had managed to creep up behind Ada without her noticing and she sneered quietly to herself.

In every sense of the word, this girl had been a disappointment and nothing at all what she had hoped for.

“I hope that with you seeing Ann so easily ensnared has made you reconsider the upbringing you were given,” Narcissa spoke suddenly from her side, causing Ada to stand abruptly clutching her heart.

“A little jumpy aren’t we, Ada? You weren’t considering doing something stupid now, were you?” Narcissa said as she folded her arms in front of her, one hand still clutching the bloody dagger that she had only moments earlier finished using.

Ada’s eyes flicked to the dagger nervously and watched with a look of thinly veiled disdain as Narcissa s*cked the remnants of blood spatters from her fingers.

“Of course not mother. I was simply contemplating my next move.”

“Our… next move…” Narcissa corrected with a lazy smile, pointing the sharp end of the dagger towards her.

Almost subconsciously Ada’s hand moved to the spot on her neck that was now covered by a thick piece of material in order to hide the poor job at wound dressing she had been f*orc*ed to employ.

“Yes, of course. Sorry mother.” Ada replied, swallowing nervously as her mother glanced with disinterest toward Ann’s cell.

“I’ve spoken to Alpha Nocturne already,” Ada said hesitantly, avoiding her mother’s slightly unhinged gaze.

“Oh? And? Will he drop by as planned?” Narcissa asked as she walked slowly towards the window to Ann’s cell and c*oc*ked her head with interest at the still -lifeless figure.

“Yes. He agreed to come and collect her.”

“Excellent.” Narcissa chuckled darkly.”Did he believe the reasoning you gave?”

Ada hesitated briefly before opening her mouth to answer, but it was enough time for Narcissa to whirl to face her again in irritation.

“Don’t you dare tell me you f*uc*ked that little task up as well you worthless wretch! I warned you quite clearly what would happen if you failed me again!” She hissed furiously brandishing the knife dangerously toward her.

Ada shook her head furiously.

“No! It’s not that at all mother, I just… I can’t be certain, but the fact that he agreed to come here and didn’t bite my head off as soon as he heard it was me… well… that says enough, doesn’t it?” She bargained desperately as her heart raced wildly.

Narcissa grunted disdainfully, sweeping her eyes over her as if she was something she had just scr*a*p*ed off her shoe, and turned back to face Ann.

“I’m sure that you could have been more convincing, but as it is…it will have to do,” Narcissa commented flatly without bothering to turn around. “Do you have everything else ready for his arrival?”

“Not yet, I still need your help with the suppression spell.” Ada rushed out quickly, “Everything else is in place though. The recording equipment is still in place from last time and I’ve checked it works fine.”

Narcissa chuckled darkly again, the sinister sound making Ada a little queasy.

It was bad enough that she would have to ply Adam with the Bellevue Witches’ special reserve in order to make him compliant enough to get him into bed. That particular blend made her queasy and she shouldn’t be drinking it now that she was pregnant anyway.

Yet Narcissa was insisting. Perhaps she was secretly hoping that Brad’s child would disappear if she simply drank enough. She wouldn’t put it past her anyway. There was no telling what her mother was thinking anymore.

“And what about Brad?” Narcissa asked suddenly.

Ada blinked stupidly as she tried to figure out why she was asking this so suddenly but failed to come up with any logical reason.

“What about him? He’s not an issue for me, he doesn’t care about me or the child..”

“Oh, Ada you fool. Of course, he will care about the child, he is an Alpha despite his current predicament. I can guarantee that it’s the only thing that’s keeping his wolf sane enough to stick around, Ada. If this is going to work, you can’t afford any loose ends.”

Ada swallowed nervously and licked her suddenly parched lips.

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think I mean, you moron! You claimed that Brad was your mate! You have to think of the reaction of the inhabitants of the kingdom until your hold on power is solidified! If you are to take Adam as your new mate, then Brad quite simply will have to be dealt with. The fleabags will never accept a queen who fathered a pup with one male and then moved another in before it was even born. I think this is a perfect opportunity for you to learn the subtle art of poisoning.” Narcissa smirked.

Understanding dawned on Ada’s face as she suddenly realized what her mother wanted.

“You want me to get rid of Brad as well…” she whispered, trying to hide the disbelief and p@in from her voice.

Brad wasn’t to blame for any of this and at one point she had been madly in love with him. She didn’t hate the man for how things had turned out, but she certainly didn’t feel as strongly for the shell of a man that he had become.

Narcissa shrugged emotionlessly.

“Well he’s not much use now is he?” she sighed wistfully as she got a faraway look in her eye, “Perhaps I could let him stay in my new playroom for a while, and you can study the effects of each poison on him.” Narcissa pondered aloud as her eyes seemed to light up at the prospect.

Ada’s stomach sank as she realized that her mother had already decided that this was what was going to happen.

“Oh! I’ve got so much to organize! Ada, call Brad and get him to come here before Adam turns up. I don’t want them drawing attention to our little project.” She sniggered gleefully.

“I’m quite curious to see just how long he can last under some of my most potent concoctions.” Narcissa grinned as she scurried off down the corridor shouting back over her shoulder to Ada.

“Chop-Chop Ada! The quicker we get the ball rolling, the quicker the kingdom will rest in our hands.”

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