Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 110

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 110 Ada’s Predicament

As soon as Ada hung up the phone she let out a heavy sigh of relief and bit the inside of her cheek nervously as she began to make her way back down to the dungeons.

She couldn’t be sure, but she was hopeful that Adam had bought into her reasoning for calling. At the very least he hadn’t immediately bitten her head off and promised her death, so in Ada’s mind, that suggested that he at least didn’t completely disbelieve her.

The sound of her footsteps echoing down the stairwell sent an uneasy shiver down Ada’s spine. Her mother had taken to spending all day down here since they had been confined to the palace.

The Elite guards of the Royal Elder Council never left her father’s side and he hadn’t left his room in days. She had been going backwards and forwards to try to speak to him, but she was pushed roughly away by the heartless bastards that guarded his doorway.

Narcissa and Ada had pretty much been left to their own devices. Perhaps they didn’t see them as a threat.

Ada snorted ironically to herself.

They weren’t a flight risk that was for sure, but her mother? Now they had most certainly underestimated Narcissa.

Day in and day out she was in that disturbing dark room that muffled cries emanated from as well as exuding a sickening metallic stench as soon as you came anywhere near it. The stench seemed to invade your nostrils even if you covered your face as you passed and once clear of the offending room, the sordid smell lingered on.

It was the very same room that her mother had held the knife to her neck only a day or so ago… and in that exact moment Ada realized that whether they came through this scheme on top or as the losers, Ada’s life as well as her unborn child’s was pretty much f*uc*ked.

She held her breath as she tried her best to hurry past Narcissa’s new playroom, and tried her best to hold back the nausea that a*s*saulted her thanks to her pregnancy hormones.

Ada would prefer to escape her mother’s notice for now, so instead, she made her way to the only place in this forsaken hole that gave her some small measure of happiness…

The dimly lit section of corridor right outside Ann’s cell.

Narcissa had already placed a couple of chairs in front of the vast one sided window for them to sit and gloat whenever they felt like it.

Ada took a seat and stared into the room that Ann had been confined in f*orc*efully with a blank expression.

It astounded her that Ann had been so stupid as to actually approach the Mimic directly. Ada snorted to herself as she replayed the scene in her mind.

It had been the most excitement and satisfaction that she had experienced since… well… since forever.

It made her ridiculously happy knowing that Ann, and most of her kind, were not prepared at all for what her mother and the coven had in store for them and she couldn’t wait for them to receive everything that was due to them.

For years she had endured being the weaker sister, the less intelligent sister and she watched as Ann enjoyed all the benefits other station as Princess Regent whilst she always sat a little behind, as a mere lady.

Ada smiled bitterly to herself as the familiar emotions swirled chaotically inside of her.

When she was little, she had never understood it. How could she be so very different from her blood sister? Surely their genetic makeup wasn’t that different? She had tried everything to catch up to Ann in her achievements and her father’s affection, spending countless hours going over the same lessons and beating herself up for her inability to achieve the same results…

It wasn’t until she walked in on Narcissa with one of her many little… dalliances… that everything clicked into place for her.

The mighty Alpha King Leopold wasn’t even her father. Her wolf wasn’t simply slow to appear, the simple fact of the matter was that she didn’t have a wolf. It had all been a lie that her mother had fabricated to ensnare him all those years ago.

The one thing that had kept her going all of those years, through the brutality that occurred in the dark of night, was that one day, she too would have a wolf of her own that would protect her and complement her strengths and weaknesses.

But instead, her mother had laughed cruelly at her disappointment and mocked her for being weak.

Ada had been nothing but a pawn since she was growing inside her so-called mother’s belly, was there any wonder the revelation sent her over the edge?

Ada’s anger at the injustice of it all flared inside of her once again as she narrowed her eyes at the motionless figure chained to the wall in the room in front of her.

Of course, she was jealous of Ann and her f*uc*king easy life. All Ada had to look forward to was the machinations and control of her mother, living under the constant fear of being discovered… why did it have to be her that suffered?

If people knew the horrors that she had been f*orc*ed to face as a child, the cost of learning the dark magick that would be required of her as an adult… and the price that she had been f*orc*ed to pay unwillingly from a young age with her innocence…

Ada brushed a stray tear from her cheek angrily as she shook away the torturous memories and placed a hand protectively over her belly.

If she had her way, her child would never have to suffer these injustices or the cruelty of the Excidium Coven.

She would do a better job than her mother did of raising her, even if it cost other people their lives, her baby would come first.

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