Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 106

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 106 Your Luna Has Disappeared  

Adam had attended the meeting with the new Alpha significantly later than he had agreed to but thankfully, they were gracious enough about it.

Having a fearsome reputation that preceded you was sometimes a blessing in disguise, although he had often wondered at the change in him since he had met Ann, although perhaps it was because she brought out a softer side to him that he had never really had cause to display before.

They had hashed out the finer details of a defensive agreement that would benefit the smaller pack more than it would Adam, however, it also extended his alliances a little further.

Having the right support from a prominent pack was often the difference between success and failure when it came to expanding into new territory. Adam wasn’t interested in the short term losses he might suffer in protecting the vulnerable packs as they established their land and their defenses, it was the long term rewards that interested him the most.

The potential of each of these Alpha’s was easy to see, and they had planned meticulously. Adam had no doubt that they would be valuable allies in just a few short years. Who knows..he might even have a few pups running around by then.

Adam felt his wolf rumble appreciatively in his chest, an unfamiliar feeling that startled him initially, but once he got over the strangeness of the feeling, the sensation was quite rea*s*suring.

‘I guess whether there are pups or not depends on if you scared Ann off or not, doesn’t it?’ Adam prodded his wolf, half teasingly, and half seriously.

His wolf whined as if in answer, the sound haunting and full of sorrow, instantly tugging at Adam’s conscience as he made his way to the smaller study.

He sighed heavily.

‘I’m sure she’ll come around… it will probably just take a little time but you’re really going to have to reign your impulses in.’

His wolf snorted contemptuously back at him, his pride and arrogance washing over Adam in waves and he was quite sure that if his wolf had the ability to speak right now, then there would have been some sort of sarcastic comment that would most likely rival Maeve.

At the mere thought of her, his wolf began pacing anxiously in his head.

‘Listen, calm down, okay? You’ll see her again soon. Maeve is a tough cookie, but I think she likes us.’ Adam smirked as he pushed the door open to his study.

As he perused the rows of books on the shelves, the loud bleep from a message notification echoed in the air and he pulled the phone out of his pocket absent mindedly.

His heart soared as Ann’s name flashed up on the screen and then sank just as quickly as he read the content of the message.

“I’m staying at Lexi’s tonight. Girl time is important, I have a lot to talk about…”

Adam gripped the phone tightly in his hand, his knuckles turning white as the protective casing protested under the pressure. With his anger and disappointment bubbling out of him, he launched the phone across the room, narrowly missing Allen’s head as it happened to peek through the crack in the door at the same time.

“Erm… bad time?” Allen asked cautiously, slipping into the room and allowing the door to click closed behind him quietly.

Adam gripped the edge of his desk and lowered his head, taking deep breaths to try and calm the fury inside of him. He suddenly realized how easy things had been for him without an active Alpha wolf and their unpredictable emotions running rampant inside him.

This was going to be a whole new kind of challenge he thought bitterly to himself.

“Can I help you with anything, Alpha?” Allen asked after a little time had passed and Adam’s aura had seemed to lighten considerably.

Adam stood upright and shook his head gently.

“I actually only came in here to see if I could find anything about a severed bond with your wolf, and how to restore it… if that’s even possible.” Adam grimaced as he gestured to the walls of books around him.

Allen grinned widely.

“Well, I guess that the Luna’s study would be the perfect place for that. They always did have a fondness for collecting obscure pieces of knowledge that no one thought was relevant… until it became relevant very quickly in desperate times, and answers were needed with huge urgency and very little warning.”

Adam cracked a smile as he vaguely remembered a trip to this very room with his mother and grandmother, sitting atop his grandmother’s knee and the faint smell of…

The faint smell of what?

It was familiar yet not familiar, and as soon as the memory had brushed through his mind, however hard he tried to grasp on to it, it eluded him until all sense of what it meant was lost, as if he had imagined it entirely.

“Are you okay, Alpha?” Allen asked, seeing his Alpha’s face pale suddenly.

Adam opened his mouth to answer, but the cracked remnants of his phone began to ring, the cracked shell of the casing vibrating oddly and interrupting what he was going to reply with.

The ringing stopped and as he opened his mouth again to speak, Alien’s phone began ringing in it’s place, almost instantly.

They shared a pensieve look as Allen hurriedly fumbled with his phone and answered whilst Adam strode towards him, waiting to see if this was an urgent situation or not.

“Lexi? I…wait… slow down… what? Now?!” Alien’s voice became increasingly more panicked as the seconds seemed to drag by.

Adam felt his adrenaline begin to rise as his wolfs instincts kicked in and he got the distinct feeling that something was terribly wrong.

The sound of a commotion from down the corridor reached their ears, and the panicked shouts of their guards combined with a furious female voice answering them decisively and violently drifted into their awareness.

Adam strode towards the door with his heart in his throat and no sooner had he opened it, did the body of one of his guards come hurtling through the doorway and hit the opposite wall with a sickening thud, books that had been dislodged from the shelf above the impact raining down on top of him.

“NOW JUST HOLD ON A MINUTE WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” Allen roared furiously as he challenged Lexi directly.

“Apparently I’m doing a lot more than you useless pricks whilst your Luna has disappeared off the face of the earth!” Lexi hissed as her eyes flashed a dangerous shade of scarlet.

Adam’s heart almost stopped.

“What? What do you mean? Ann’s disappeared?” He murmured in disbelief, “No, that’s not right… she was with… you…”

“f*uc*king hilarious observation there Alpha.” Lexi fumed sarcastically, “Don’t you think that it’s alittle funny that I’m here and Ann is nowhere to be seen? Sort yourself out furball and get your head on. We’ve got a lot of figuring out to do…”

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