Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 100

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 100 You Asked For This

She bit the inside of her cheek p@infully to stop herself from crying out and her heart beat rapidly in her chest as her mother yanked her head back to stare at her terrified features with a twisted excitement.

“Your idea intrigues me,” Narcissa purred as she removed the blade from Ada’s neck and stroked her daughter’s hair with the blood-coated blade of the knife.

Ada trembled fiercely under her mother’s psychotic embrace, not daring to make a sound in case it provoked her wrath once more.

Narcissa chuckled softly as she planted a kiss on Ada’s forehead roughly and licked the blade free of any remaining blood, smiling wickedly down at her daughter’s terrified face.

“Tell me everything, my little lamb, and we shall see whether or not I sacrifice your blood and the life of your unborn child tonight, or whether your plan offers you yet another chance to redeem yourself.”

Ann sat on the edge of her bed, staring at the phone in her hand for a long time, willing herself to stop being such a child and just dial the number.

Adam sauntered out of the bathroom covered with nothing but a towel and made his way over to where she sat with a smirk plastered all over his face.

He frowned when she didn’t immediately glance up at his approach and instead, bent down slightly to plant a kiss on the top of her head.

As creepy as it felt to do so, the moment he was closer enough to her hair, he inhaled deeply and could have groaned out loud as the scent filled his nostrils.

Whatever bath products she had switched to over the past couple of weeks really smelled incredible. Adam thought that he finally understood the effect that a man’s aftershave had on a woman… because whatever Ann was wearing, made him want to devour her in every way possible.

Ann tilted her head back to smile at him and felt her heart leap when she saw the l*st in his eyes as he stared intensely at her.

This really wasn’t helping her resolve to finally pluck up the courage to call Lexi. As Adam climbed onto the bed behind her and ran his hands along her arms soothingly she leaned back against his chest gratefully.

His hands truly were magickal. One touch and all of her worries seemed to fade away, the stress dissolving instantly and replaced immediately with a need to be close to him…n

“Anything I can help you with, princess?” He asked playfully in that gravelly voice that drove her wild at times like this.

“Mmm… I can think of a few things..” She smirked back playfully as she dropped the phone on the bed and lifted her arms to run her fingers through his hair.

Adams’s hands traced along the skin of her arms and continued downwards along her sides, sending little shivers throughout her body as he chuckled at her reaction.

“I think I know exactly what you’re after, princess …” he murmured as he trailed kisses along her neck gently before nipping on her mark.

Ann could already feel the w*etness pooling between her legs and the dull ache that told of her desire to have him inside of her, but Adam had other plans.

“Unfortunately for us, I have a meeting with a couple of smaller packs that I’ve been putting off because… well… because I preferred to be burying myself inside of you at every opportunity.” Adam grinned as Ann m*oa*ned in frustration.

“Okay, fine. I can wait till later to have my fill of you, my Alpha.” she purred teasingly and felt the steady firmness of his c*oc*k rise underneath her.

She smiled coyly and scooped the phone up from where she had thrown it, and sauntered across the room to sit on the sofa, purposely swaying her hips seductively as she walked purely to annoy him.

Adam groaned as he reached for her with a scowl. “That’s just cruel…”

“So is leaving me unsatisfied,” Ann shot back quickly with a wicked grin.

Adam launched himself from the bed with a dangerous growl and Ann yelped gleefully as she tried to evade him.

It didn’t last too long though, there were too many obstacles in the room for her to dodge him effectively and before long she had been pinned against the floor with her arms held to the floor, and her phone still clutched in her hand.

“It’s dangerous to tease me like this, Ann…” Adam growled as he pressed himself against her back, his hardened c*oc*k protruding effortlessly out of the gap in the towel and pressed firmly against her buttocks.

Ann’s heart was racing with excitement. She loved provoking this reaction in him. Whilst they were both dominant by nature, the bedroom was the only place that Ann would ever willingly submit to him.

This teasing and provoking was another form of foreplay for her as she f0rced his dominant and aggressively possessive side out. It was harder for his truly feral side to emerge because his wolf was absent for the most part, at the very least suppressed, but he still had the capability of taking her how she needed to be taken right now.

It just meant that she needed to poke him with a little provocation… that was all.

The throb between her legs was almost unbearable now as she snorted defiantly.

“Dangerous?” She mocked with a smirk, needing to say nothing more than that as her tone implied everything that she had intended.

Maeve leaped gleefully in her head as his eyes darkened to almost black and he growled lowly.

She felt his intense stare at the back of her head as her heart hammered wildly before she knew that she was going to get exactly what she wanted.

With a furious snarl, Adam lifted himself slightly as he roughly pulled the loose skirt of the skater-style dress over her hips and ripped her p*an*tie*s off with a f0rceful yank.

Ann yelped in surprise as the sting of the elastic snapped against her buttocks and Adam chuckled darkly.

“You asked for this, Ann, just remember that.”

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