Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 10

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 10 Breaking News

This time, Ann did laugh. She had missed Lexi’s dry humor and wit terribly.

“Listen, tiger, what’s going on with you and Brad, hmm?” She asked, placing her cup down and staring intently into Anne’s eyes. Anne sighed and glanced out the window.

“News travels fast then huh?”

“I’m surprised you haven’t seen it if I’m honest,” Lexi answered as she leaned to the side and began rummaging through her bag.

“Seen what?” Anne frowned.

Lexi scrolled through her phone until she found what she was looking for and handed it to Ann.

“What the f*uc*k is that cretin doing marrying your man?” She hissed angrily.

Ann glanced down at the News bulletin that had flashed up on the screen in the entertainment news.

‘Heir to Crystal Pack no longer in running for Next Alpha King: Ditches fiance and plans to marry her sister. Click here for the full story!’

Directly underneath was a picture of Ada and Brad staring adoringly at each other at some function or other. Ann snorted and passed the phone back as Lexi folded her arms angrily.

“Spill. I want details, I want everything.” She instructed firmly through narrowed eyes.

With a sigh, Ann told her how she had discovered her step-sister and Brad together. By the time she had finished explaining, the look on Lexi’s face was murderous and her golden eyes were blazing furiously.

Suddenly she slammed the table with her fist and exploded.

“What the actual f*uc*k?! Has he lost his mind?! He chose to bury himself balls deep in that sloppy little wh*re over a life with you?!” She shrieked loudly.

Ann made frantic shushing noises and smiled apologetically at the other customers and staff as they were rapidly becoming the main focus of attention all over again.

“Lexi, it’s fine. It’s better that I know now rather than after we were married today.”

“It is not fine! I bet Maeve wanted to rip his d*ic*k off and shove it down his throat. How the f*uc*k do you even go against the mate bond?!”

‘Oo! I did not think of that but told her I’ll bear that in mind for possible options if I get a chance to go one on one with him. I have a few choice words for his coward of a wolf as well.’ Maeve interrupted excitedly.

‘Maeve appreciated your suggestion.” I sniggered. “I thought she might.” Lexi sniffed as she sat down again and stared at Ann with her mouth slightly open in shock. “I hope you f*uc*king rejected the twat.”

“I tried. He called this morning and hung up on me before I could finish.” Ann replied miserably.

“c*oc*ky little…” Lexi muttered before her face lit up and she leaned in closely, whispering excitedly.

“Ann, let me go burn the wedding stuff. Just a little, I won’t destroy the place… if we’re lucky the cowardly bastard will be inside somewhere and I can accidentally

 on purpose roast him alive. How about it? Can I?”

Ann looked at the almost childlike excitement on Lexi’s face and did her best not to laugh.

“No. Let them be miserable together, she can take my sloppy seconds. Besides, I have bigger things to worry about.”

“I can make it look like an accident Ann, no one would ever know.” she tried again hopefully.

Ann shook her head and fixed her with a firm glare. Lexi’s face fell and she muttered angrily under her breath.

There was nothing really left for it. The only way to distract her now would be to fill her in on the rest of the evening.

She picked the remainder of her chai up and leaned back in her chair, eying Lexi carefully. She hoped this worked.

“I’ll be marrying Alpha Nocturne soon anyway,” Ann stated as nonchalantly as she could.

Lexi froze momentarily and her head whipped up at the speed of lightning, her interest piqued.

“Are you serious?” She breathed before whistling lowly. “Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire. I’m not sure which is worse honestly. How the f*uc*k did that happen? Wait…how do you even know him?!”

Ann chuckled.

“Let’s eat first, Lexi, I’m starving. Let’s order and I’ll fill you in on everything.”?

As they ate, Ann explained how her chance meeting with the big bad alpha came about. She was careful to leave out the details about the curse on the Alpha and the unknown threat he faced, but she was comfortable revealing at least this much to Lexi.

She would take the secret to her grave if needed, rather than betray those she thought of as family.

When they were done Lexi sat back contemplatively and ma*s*saged her stomach as she greedily eyed the deserts on display at the counter.

“You can’t possibly be able to fit more in!” Ann exclaimed incredulously.

“Is that a challenge?” Lexi gasped with mock horror, “Because it sounds very much like a challenge. Very well! I accept.” She said, deftly answering her own question as she stood and hurried over to choose a dessert.

Ann snorted loudly as she hunted for her phone which had just started ringing incessantly in the depths of her bag. She had forgotten to turn the ringer off and, yet again, more irritated glances were being directed her way.

She glared furiously at the caller display and rejected Brad’s call as she fumbled with the volume control to switch it onto vibrate.

It began to flash for an incoming call again and without bothering to look at the caller display she answered.

“For f*uc*k sake what? I don’t want to talk to you. If you didn’t understand what I said the first time Brad, I don’t have the time nor the crayons, to waste on explaining it to you.” She hissed angrily into the phone.

A resounding silence met her furious tirade before the nervous sound of a throat clearing could be heard.

“Just so you know, this isn’t Brad, and I bet he’ll wish that he wasn’t himself either when you do finally get a hold of him.” The voice on the other end of the phone said with a dry chuckle.

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