Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 158

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 158

“Get off of me.” I snarled, lacing my voice with venom even though my body’s reaction told a different story.

Asher didn’t smirk, nor was he gentle when he pulled my head back by the long strands of my hair. The pain that crackled across my scalp was mixed with something almost pleasurable, and I fought as it stoked the glowing embers that warmed in my c*ore.

“If you want me off, then remove me. Even back then you were able to do it, weren’t you?” His laugh was deep and the sound of it strengthened the sparks that caressed my skin, but rather than humor it held hunger.

My face heated and refusing to take his bait, I bit back my snarl.

“Were you even trying to get away, Lola?” He tilted his head as he asked and leaned in to run his nose along the underside of my jaw.

As I heard his soft inhale, a shudder rolled down my body. “…because from the scent I’m picking up, you’re exactly where you want to be.”

An almost painful throb began between my legs, and Asher’s eyes darted down as though he could feel it himself.

“Asher, we need to talk about this.” I said through clenched teeth.

“Where are your clothes?” He asked, and from the soft tone his voice had taken on, I knew nothing I said would deter him.

“You were about to k**l someone; I didn’t exactly care about my outfit at the time. Would you rather me have put on a sundress? Or maybe a pair of boots to protect me from the blood splatter.”

It might’ve not been the best idea to catch an att*itude with an Alpha halfway off the rails, but I’d always been impulsive.

Looking back, I expected him to f0rce me onto my knees or tear my clothes off—both of which I would’ve given into, but Asher had something different in mind. I bit back a yelp when he pulled me away from the wall and into his chest. From the heat in his eyes, I could tell a reaction was what he wanted and as much as it pained me to do the opposite, I was nothing if not horribly stubborn.

Rather than fight against his hold I gave into it and followed him as he both f0rced and guided me back to the ma*s*sive executive desk. Asher paid no mind as we trampled the papers that littered the floor and reclaimed his seat in the leather chair.

His iron grip on my hips warned me to remain where I stood in between his legs but were also loose enough that I could break through them if I actually wanted to-which he knew all too well that I did.

Both Maya and my instincts told me to kick his a*s, but I knew this would grate on his nerves more.

“Do you remember what happened last time I caught you half-n*ked?”

Lightning fast my mind darted back to what felt like years ago but had really only been months. I still had the imprint of his hand on my a*s, only it was in my memory rather than on my skin.

The second I opened my mouth to answer he pulled me onto his lap and tore the shorts I wore off my body. One quick tear and my bottom were exposed, prickling with goosebumps from the sudden rush of chilly air.

I snarled as I felt him harden beneath my stomach, enraged from his choice of punishment but also thrumming from his reaction to me.

A satisfied noise came from his mouth when he ran a hand over my soft skin, though I wasn’t sure he heard it himself.

I felt the absence of his hand and closed my eyes in time to feel his en grind against me, followed by a swift and heavy smack.

Stars, bright and full, danced behind my eyes, and a hiss curled from between my teeth. A second quickly followed, this one sharper than the first and its effect even stronger.

By the fifth, I had to clench my legs together to ignore the throb that pulsed between them, which Asher realized and quickly put an end to. With each smack, his co*k seemed to grow harder until it was almost painful against my abdomen. Anger flared alongside arousal, becoming stronger the longer I found myself drowning in pain and ple@sure.

I was being punished for something I didn’t do-for something that didn’t even matter.

The only thing within reach was his t***h, which I promptly dug my nails into after making sure the tips were nice and sharp. What was better than the feel of his muscle beneath my hands was the way he jumped and let out a wolfish snarl from the sudden pain.

The mouth-watering scent of his blood filled my nose, making my head swim and mouth water. Both rich and tart like chocolate-covered cherries, only there was an undertone of something dark and powerful that made my entire body sing with strength.

Only one time had I tasted his blood when he sliced his hand cooking and that was well over a month ago.

Four hours he f*uc*ked me, so ravenous with a need that I hadn’t again dared taste his blood. It had been too intense, too soul-shattering.

“You couldn’t be obedient even if you tried.” He chuckled lightly, his hand trailing along the tender swell of my a*s. “It’s what makes you perfect, Lola. Your heart is pure, and your will is indestructible.”

Even now I couldn’t tell if Asher remembered the way he begged for me to take more–to sink my teeth into his neck and feel the explosion of salty sweat mixed with the dark allure of his blood, but I knew it was something I’d never forget.

Not once was I asked to draw his blood, to coax it from his veins with my teeth so I swallowed the urge when it popped up, but now-now I knew he’d been waiting for me to make the first move.

I whimpered from anticipation alone and turned my head far enough to latch onto one of the healing wounds.

“Don’t you f*king dare-” He began, but the moment my teeth broke skin his voice dropped, and his words were replaced with a pained groan.

A feeling not unlike the sparks that raced across my skin began to fill my body. It tinted my thoughts in a haze of ple@sure so strong that every caress Asher made to my bottom brought me closer to o****m-and farther from the realization that there was something off about the taste of his blood.

No longer was he spanking me, but each swipe he made drifted closer to my center, until his fingers grazed the w*etness that had long seeped past my swollen lips.

When he dragged them along my c**t making my entire body convulse, I flicked my tongue against the wound I created and listened as Asher’s head hit the back of the chair and a long string of curses left his mouth.

“…can’t take this anymore.” He murmured and palmed my a*s one last time before setting me on my feet.

Flecks of gold danced in his eyes as stared down at me, removing his slacks without looking away. Even though blood was smeared across my mouth, Asher showed no hesitation as he lifted me into his arms and smashed his lips against my own.

I barely registered it when my hands sn*ake*d up to his head, my fingers entangling themselves in his hair as I pulled him closer and deepened the kiss.

He lowered himself into the leather chair, his hands on my hips as he pulled me onto his lap. When the steel-hard length of his c**k slid between my folds and a groan rose from his mouth, I took that moment to sink my teeth into his lower lip.

Warm waves of the hypnotic substance flowed into my mouth. Asher’s fingers dug into my hips as he thrusted roughly, cursing under his breath as he grinded the head of his c**k into my cl*t.

His hands drifted down to cup my a*s, pinning me against him as he thrust his s*haf*t past my swollen lips. He moved his hips in long strokes that made my c*ore ache, until my eyes rolled, and I released my hold on his lower lip to let out a blissful scream.

The heat and ple@sure of both Asher’s body and blood sent a flash of light to my eyes, blinding me from its intensity just like last time.

“That’s it baby…f**k, you did so good.” Asher murmured softly; his voice so full of awe I fought harder to blink back the spots that danced in my eyes.

The ledge of the desk was at my back, keeping me propped up as I straddled Asher’s lap. Something w*et and warm encompassed my nipple, flicking it lightly before being replaced by the sharpness of teeth.

They grazed against the sensitive nerve endings, then soothed the pain with gentle, lavishing strokes. Meanwhile I could feel the swollen head of Asher’s c**k pressing at my entrance and fell forward when it began to slip inside.

There was no stopping myself from begging, not when he controlled this agonizingly slow pace.

“I need more. Please, Asher…it’s so slow it hurts.” I whimpered, finally able to see Asher’s face and the need that kept his eyes continuously roaming, soaking in every sight and sound as my p***y clenched around his s*haf*t.

This time it was his eyes that rolled, and when they opened a flash of gold surfaced from their depths. Before I had the chance to admire them, he thrusted his hips upwards and pulled me onto his lap, sinking his s*haf*t the rest of the way in. A tiny burst of light danced behind my eyes as my ct ground into him but was replaced with a firework show when he started f*uc*k**g me like a mad man.

“…so perfect, and all f*uc*king mine…” He snarled, grinding himself into me in a way he knew would make me ravenous. I was awarded with a string of praises when I snarled and dug my nails into his shoulders. “…that’s it, take what you need from me…whatever you need.”

I couldn’t recall the reason for my hesitation earlier, nor did I notice how strong the odd taste in Asher’s blood was when I sought out the shimmering mark on his neck and sunk my teeth deep into its surface.

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