Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 110

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Alpha Asher Chapter 110

After almost an hour, I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. Unlike when Brandon touched me, there was no gut feeling telling me this touch was wrong.

I turned around and grinned at Asher, placing my hands on his shoulders as I bobbed up and down. The tips of my toes grazed the silt at the bottom of the lake, just barely.

“I should have put floaties on your arms.” His lips twitched into a smirk, and his eyes narrowed playfully.

I gave him a look full of offense and frowned, “I’m short, that doesn’t mean I’m going to d***n. I still know how to swim. Besides, if I had floaties on, then I wouldn’t need to do this.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck, letting my fingers tangle in the unruly strands of his hair. He was beginning to need a trim, which gave me plenty to grab onto.

I felt his reaction the moment I slid my legs around his waist. All too quickly, my hands left his hair and traveled down the hard expanse of his chest, marveling at the feel of his w*et muscles.

“And how is our good friend Zeke doing?” I asked, lifting an eyebrow when Asher sighed.

“He’s ‘searching for his soulmate while having a few drinks to take the edge off.’” Asher quoted, giving me a look so dry that I couldn’t help but laugh.

“So, he’s getting drunk and flirting with a bunch of she-wolves.” I smirked.

“Naturally.” He grunted.

“Is that what you did, Asher?” I asked, my voice growing low as I moved my lips inches from his ear. Jealousy, jagged like glass, sliced through my gut and yet I continued. “When you needed someone to fill your bed, would you go to a party and bring some girl home?”

“I never needed to search, there were plenty of she-wolves more than willing to jump into my bed.” His honesty seared my insides, but I wasn’t one to cower and hide when emotions grew too tough.

His words challenged mine, earning a snarl from my lips that was smothered when he continued, “It had only ever been s*e*x in my mind, nothing more.

They knew that, of course, But that didn’t change a spare few from wanting more. People, human or otherwise, always want what they can’t have.”

“Is that why you wanted me, because you knew you couldn’t have me?” I purred, relaxing against his rigid form. From the way his c**k twitched in his swim trunks, I could feel he felt every inch of my full b***s along his chest.

“Who says I couldn’t have you, Lola?” He chuckled, shaking his head slowly. I swallowed heavily, unable to form words whenever his voice turned low and threatening.

“You were mine the minute you were late to training. The moment you opened your mouth and talked back to me; you were mine.”

Pulling him into the forest was becoming more alluring by the second.

Nearly an hour later, Asher was called from the water by a tipsy Zeke. He had no choice but to follow, especially since Zeke was known for getting himself into trouble.

Sober, he was the life of the party, P**s drunk, he was the type of person to break into the Zoo and release the animals.

I lost track of time as we swam, occasionally bumping into someone Ca*s*sidy knew-which seemed to be every other person.

There was a small cliff everyone was jumping off, along with a waterfall just beneath. I jumped a few times, calling it quits after almost busting my a*s.

Brandon had mentioned Ca*s*sidy went to college in town, and from the looks of it, she was more than popular. It was refreshing to see that she had kept her friendly demeanor instead of turning into a raging b**h like I had.

Ca*s*sidy introduced Breyona and I to everyone we ran into, feeding us facts about their lives. Her presence and friendly smile convinced some of the more wary partygoers to relax.

What had me sold was how casually she talked about my position and what I was. It sounded normal coming from her mouth-like a tribrid was an everyday occurrence.

In all that time, I hadn’t seen or heard from Asher. No matter which direction I looked, he was nowhere to be found-but I knew he was watching. I could never mistake the feel of his eyes on me, no matter how far away he was.

As the sun began to dip lower and lower, using the trees as cover to cast heavy shadows along the lake and beach. Bonfires began flickering to life all around the lake, carrying the scent of burning wood.

I sat on one of the giant beach towels we brought along, with none other than Ca*s*sidy at my side. The humid air thinned, becoming brisk as a gentle breeze drifted across the still water.

Breyona had left just a few minutes ago, in search of Giovanni who had left the moment the sun vanished from sight.

“I can’t thank you enough for what you did back there. I could tell some of them felt uncomfortable and even afraid, but they believed you when you said I only wanted what was best for the pack.”

“I’m really involved in the community, especially with the college in town. These people know and trust me, half of them watched Asher, Brandon, and I grow up.

They’re already beginning to trust you, even without my rea*s*surance. Most of them are fairly good judges of character.”

I returned her radiant smile with one of my own, surprised that I was coming to like my mate’s gorgeous and perky friend.

Her eyes darted to a group of nearby guys, who were making as much noise as possible as they clamored towards us. The one at the lead had shaggy blonde hair, cropped short on the sides.

A thin scar ran through the tail of his eyebrow, giving him almost a sinister look. Like the rest of the alcohol-fueled werewolves in his group, they were all shirtless and wearing swim trunks.

“You ladies mind if we build our fire here?” The head of the group asked, nodding briefly to the flat space of beach in front of us. I didn’t miss the way his blacked-out eyes twinkled, staring down at Ca*s*sidy like the golden-haired goddess she was.

“Sure. I was feeling a bit cold, actually.” She smirked delicately, letting her hair cascade over her shoulder. In a move that would’ve reeked inexperience if I had done it, she stretched her tanned legs out slowly.

‘Oh, she’s good.’ Maya murmured.

It took Ca*s*sidy twenty minutes of flirting before her and Lars, the guy with the eyebrow scar, were ready to ditch the rest of us. I stood alongside of her, dusting the sand from my sweatshirt and shorts.

“I’m going to find Asher.” I a*s*sured her with a friendly grin, “It was really nice hanging out with you, Ca*s*sidy!”

“Oh, are you sure? I feel horrible ditching you.” She frowned, eyes darting to where Lars was talking with his friends, a beer in his hand. Her hair formed a golden halo around her shoulders. “We absolutely have to plan something, just for us girls! Oh, and call me Ca*s*s. Everyone does!”

“It’s all good, I need to find him and Zeke anyway.” I smirked, nodding towards Lars.” Have fun, Ca*s*s.”

“Oh, I plan on it.” She winked and ran up to Lars, linking her arm through his as she easily melted into the conversation.

‘You think college would give us better social skills?’ Maya asked as we ventured away from the bonfire, further down the beach. I continued walking, watching as the cars began to thin out. The next fire was at least fifty feet away, a small speck of flame in the distance.

‘I don’t think so. Doesn’t change the fact that neither one of us have a filter.’ I shrugged unapologetically.

‘I don’t typically mind the lack of self-control, just don’t go challenging anymore Alpha’s.’ She snorted.

‘I don’t plan on it-’

“Just the Vampire Queen I’ve been lookin’ for.” It wasn’t Asher’s raspy voice I heard, but someone unbearably similar. I was immediately on the defensive when I turned and stared into Brandon’s glassy eyes. It was clear he was tipsy or borderline drunk, but there was still a good bit of lucidity to his gaze.

“I wasn’t aware there was more than one Vampire Queen.” I commented, turning on my heel as I planned to make a hasty get away. His hand closed around my wrist, and I froze.

“C’mon, Lola. I’m not that bad. I swear, I’m just an a*s when I drink.” Any other girl would have missed the teasing tone his voice had, how it was buried beneath layers of practice and skill.

I could tell it was there because Asher did the same thing. “My brother doesn’t deserve the Queen of all Vampire’s as his mate”

“Maybe you didn’t hear me clearly the first time.” I began, my back still turned and my wrist still fully in his grasp. “I have a tendency to mumble.”

I turned on my heel, feeling my muscles bunch and coil as I used the inhuman speed of both my werewolf and vampire heritage.

Time slowed and I could see the surprise as it dawned across his drunken face, filling his glossy eyes until they overflowed with it.

My fist slammed into his stomach, crushing his abs beneath my knuckles. I gave him no time to recover as he doubled over and sent my knee careening into his b***s-the same bits I had seen when he welcomed Asher and I into town.

He grunted and groaned as he went down, his knees sinking into the damp sand. I stared down at him, knowing he could see Maya stirring within my eyes.

“I don’t care what your problem is with your brother, I don’t care what strange feud you two have going on. You will not use me to get a rise out of him, and you will not lay a hand on me.”

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