Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 989

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 989 Despicable!

Rufus’ POV:

The she-wolf’s violent reaction made me feel somewhat regretful. Just now, I had an overwhelming urge to see her real face.

But maybe she really cared about her appearance, more than anything. The second my fingers brushed against the cold metal of her mask, her eyes went wide with fright. I could’ve touched her head or anything else, but now, I had scared her, and I could see that she had her walls up again.

I was a little upset. I didn’t want to scare her. I just wanted to see her smile…

“Sorry if I offended you.” I lowered my eyes. My mood soured instantly because of the way the she-wolf looked at me—with hostility.

Her earrings had gotten stuck in her hair again. Without thinking, I stretched out my hand to fix it, but withdrew it on second thought. Doing so might frighten her further.


I wanted to tell her about the stray earring, but before I could get another word out, she turned around and ran away.

I wanted to chase after her, but the music started playing again. Now that the first dance was over, people could choose their partners freely. The guests flooded on the dance floor, eager to dance with their partners.

Many she-wolves came at me again, which made me feel inexplicably irritable.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Crystal. For a split second, I felt that she was very familiar, as though we had met before…

But the incessant she-wolves’ voices interrupted my thoughts. I felt incredibly melancholic.

All of a sudden, I realized that this ball was a terrible idea. These boring she-wolves only made me feel like a fool. How could I have agreed to waste my time on such a boring ball?

It took me a long time to excuse myself. By the time I got rid of the she-wolves, Crystal was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps she was hiding in a quiet corner somewhere.

Thinking of this, I walked towards the garden in the back. Compared with the lively banquet hall, it was much quieter here and I felt more at peace.

The guests who were mingling in the garden noticed me and greeted me one after another. Then they all went back to the banquet hall, daring not stay here.

With them gone, the garden became even quieter, leaving only the sound of the running water in the fountain.

I took a deep breath. In fact, I was happy to see Crystal here, even though I didn’t really understand why.

Why were my emotions so askew when it came to that she-wolf?

I ran my fingers through my hair and felt even more depressed. I needed to find Crystal right away and apologize to her. If she didn’t forgive me…

As soon as this thought occurred to me, my annoyance grew. She had to forgive me, no matter what. I was her king for crying out loud!

I looked around in the garden but there was no one else here. I was about to head back to the banquet hall when I heard the commotion coming from down the long corridor.

Several she-wolves were shouting, saying something about a monster.

I turned around and wanted to make a detour to avoid the unnecessary drama, but then I caught a glimpse of a stray bandage floating with the wind.

I stopped and looked over at the group of she-wolves. In the center was Crystal’s son, Arron, who was surrounded by the she-wolves.

They were tearing at the bandages on the boy’s face and the scarf that was around his neck earlier was thrown on the ground.

At this time, one of the she-wolves reached out and pinched Arron’s arm hard, calling him a son of a b*tch.

Arron cried out in pain and pushed the she-wolf as hard as he could, but he was too weak to do anything.

This served only to anger the she-wolf and she slapped Arron without hesitation.

Seeing this, I felt an uncontrollable rage in my heart. How could these she-wolves b*ull*y such a little child? They were absolutely despicable!

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