Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 984

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 984 Dress Up

Crystal’s POV:

Flora quickly dragged me to the lounge. Every guest had been a*s*signed a private lounge. There was a large pile of snacks on the table of this one, all of which were Flora’s favorite. It was obvious that Warren had thoughtfully arranged for them.

It was evident that Flora had lived a good life in the past five years. I presumed that Warren spoiled her a lot, and his subordinates also had immense respect for her.

“Sit down.” Flora animatedly pulled me to the sofa, then ripped my mask off my face and sat in thought for a while. “Let me apply some light makeup for you. Why do you look ill?”

“I’ve come down with a cold today,” I explained.

Flora reached her hand out and checked my forehead. “Fortunately, you don’t have a fever.”

At this moment, the door of the lounge was thrown open, and a well-dressed werewolf walked in, followed by several a*s*sistants. They came in bearing numerous dresses and a lot of jewelry.

“This is my personal designer, Muschel.” Flora greeted the werewolf and pushed me in front of him. “I’ll leave her in your hands. Dress her to be the most gorgeous lady at the ball.”

Muschel swept his eyes over me in surprise and praised me, “Oh my God, babe, your eyes are so stunning. You don’t even require contact lenses or any eye shadow.” Few people paid me direct compliments. My cheeks heated. “Thank you.”

“I will definitely dress you as the most beautiful woman at the party!”

I ch*oked on my words for a moment and said, “Actually, that’s not necessary. I just want to go in to find someone. You can pick any dress for me.”

“How can you do that? All the people in the banquet hall, whether the nobility or the aristocrats, or even the ordinary maids and waitresses, are trying to look their best. You will stand out more if you’re plainly dressed. You’ll look like a duck among swans,” Flora explained as she picked up a sapphire blue dress and held it up for me.

Her reasoning made sense, but the excited expression on her face made me feel weird for some reason.

After my hair and make-up were finally done, Flora eyed me with satisfaction and said, “That’s perfect. Do you feel like a brand-new person?”

“I’m just going there to look for my kids. Isn’t this dress a bit too much?” Feeling uncomfortable, I crossed my arms across my chest. This dress was too revealing. Not only was my cleavage on display, but my back was also exposed.

“Of course not! You look super s*e*xy and glamorous! This red color looks like it’s made for you. You will be the most gorgeous she-wolf at the ball.” Flora winked at me and studied my chest. “Your br*asts are as full as before, and your waist is slimmer!”

I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. Fortunately, Muschel noticed my embarra*s*sment and discomfort and placed a white shawl over my shoulders.

“Let’s go. The ball is about to begin.”

Flora tugged my hand and hurried out. Warren had been waiting for quite some time outside the lounge.

Flora suddenly froze in her tracks as something just occurred to her. “Your mask is very ugly. You need another one.”

She didn’t allow me to refuse. She hastily put her mask on my face, so that a small part of my chin was revealed. Although no one would be able to see my face clearly, I was still paranoid about being discovered. I wanted my mask back, but Flora quickly grabbed an invitation from Warren’s hand and tossed it toward me. Then, she swept away with him.

“You’re on your own now!” She giggled loudly and blew me a kiss from the distance.

I could feel a headache coming on. It was too late to return to my residence and get another mask. I had no choice but to enter the banquet hall.

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