Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 982

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 982 Go To The Ball To Find Someone

Arron’s POV:

I put on my coat and disguised myself once darkness hovered in the sky. Then, I placed the medicine, water, and biscuits on the bedside table for Mommy.

Before leaving, I took a look at her. She was sleeping soundly. I decided to walk back towards the bed and stood on tiptoe to touch her forehead, wanting to confirm that she didn’t have a fever. After that, I felt a great sense of relief.

I should be back before Mommy could wake up. She must not know that I sneaked out.

With a deep breath, I sneaked out of the palace.

Along the way, I saw a lot of beautiful ladies in exquisite dresses. They were all going to attend this grand ball.

The fireworks in the sky were spectacular, something I had never seen before. The imperial palace was quite vast and magnificent. If only I had a car… After only a short distance, I already felt tired. Perhaps it was because my legs were too short. Alright, that was it. Starting tomorrow, I would have to eat more, so that I could grow taller faster.

Finding the way to the ball was much easier than I had anticipated. As long as I followed a well-dressed people, I was sure I’d be taking the right path.

At this same moment, I thought I heard Mommy shouting my name. Suddenly alarmed, I whirled around to examine the source of the noise.

I didn’t expect Mommy to wake up so soon. Even from that distance, I could make out Mommy’s unique mask. It completely hid her face, while everyone else’s mask only covered half of their faces.

I dared not allow myself to dwell on it for too long. I immediately swung around and bolted.

This was the first time I lied to Mommy and did something naughty. I was nervous and regretful, but also a little excited. When Beryl told me we had a father, I set up a meeting with her so I could see that werewolf. She told me to meet her at the ball to see our father.

By following the flow of people, I was able to locate the palace where the ball would be held. It was splendid, even more beautiful than the castle in the fairy tale book. I finally saw Beryl, who seemed to have been waiting for me. She was dressed like a doll, complete with a beautiful dress and a crystal hairpin. Beryl’s round face looked so cute that I just had to pinch it.

As I made my way towards her, she peered around, seeming to be looking for someone.

I knew what she was looking forward to. I told her Mommy wouldn’t come as she was ill.

“I sneaked out. I have to go back as soon as I see him,” I said.

With her mouth pouted and her eyes rolling, Beryl groaned, “Okay. Then you must follow me closely. Don’t get lost.”

Beryl grabbed my hand and led me to the grand door of the banquet hall. When we were about to enter, we were stopped by a guard.

“Kid, your bandage is too eye-catching. You can’t go in.

Where is your family?” the guard pointed at me and said. “Don’t you recognize me? Daddy said we could attend the ball.” With her hands on her waist, Beryl stood in front of me as if she was trying to protect me.

The guard stared quietly at Beryl for a while. Then, he suddenly realized something and said, “Wait a minute. I’ll call the King.”

Beryl turned around and casually winked at me. With a grin on my face, I extended a hand to squeeze her cheek again.

The guard returned shortly, and his demeanor had changed dramatically. He addressed us humbly, “You may go inside now. If you need anything, please tell us at any time.”

“Well, then let us go in,” Beryl raised her chin and ordered proudly.

“Okay.” The guard was amused and hurried to lead us in. When I was about to enter the banquet hall hand in hand with Beryl, I heard Mommy’s voice from behind. I was so startled that I dared not turn around to look. So, I snatched Beryl’s hand and dashed into the hall.

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