Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 977

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 977 Sharing

Beryl’s POV:

I was so terrified that I didn’t dare to take in a full breath. I just hoped the lights were dim enough that the monster wouldn’t spot me.

However, the monster not only saw me, but excitedly came running toward me with wide eyes.

I was so frightened that I spun on my heel and ran away. However, the monster anxiously called my name, and called me his sister.

Although I was scared, I stopped in my tracks and turned around to face him. “How do you know my name? And why did you say I’m your sister?”

“Don’t be afraid. I’m your twin brother. My name is Arron.” The monster cautiously approached me.

I watched the monster nervously and considered the credibility of his words. He was shorter and thinner than me. We had no similarities besides the same candy scent that hung around us. How could we be twins?

The monster seemed to sense that I didn’t believe him. He took out a fistful of candies from his pocket and said, “These are your favorite candies. Take them.”

I grabbed them from him without hesitation. These candies were indeed my favorite. I had the same kind in my pocket, and Mask Mommy had given them to me.

But I still wasn’t convinced that this monster was my twin brother, because he was very ugly and his entire face was covered in bandages.

“Our Mommy’s name is Crystal. Both our heads were injured. But yours is more serious than mine, so you don’t remember us.” The monster tried his best to persuade me and gain my trust.

I pouted and murmured, “Then, can you take me to Mommy?”

“Of course!” The monster was ecstatic and chuckled like a hen. His laugh was similar to mine, I’d give him that.

I curled my lips to one side and stuffed the candies back into the monster’s hand as I said, “Accept these as your conveyance fee. Take me to Mommy now.”

I raised my chin and walked past him nobly like Grandma usually did.

“Beryl, wait. You’re going in the wrong direction.” The monster grasped my hand and led me to another well- lit place.

Soon, the monster and I arrived at a quiet elegant palace. There was a large fountain at the gate that was decorated with crystal lights. It was gorgeous.

For a few seconds, I was standing still outside gazing at the fountain. The monster shouted enthusiastically and pulled my hand. “Beryl, come here!” A moment later, we entered a warm and cozy room.

“Mommy and I live here now.” The monster was very excited. He took out a lot of snacks from a drawer and presented them all to me. “I saved all of these for you. Taste them.”

I climbed onto the sofa and sat next to him. I picked up a biscuit from the pile of snacks and put it in my pocket. I wanted to share it with Daddy when I went back to his palace.

“All of these are for you. You don’t need to choose just one,” the monster reminded me animatedly. The bandages on his face were wrapped tightly around him like a scarf, only revealing his eyes and mouth. I studied him carefully and realized that the color of his eyes were the exact same as mine.

I shook my head. “I shouldn’t eat too many snacks. They’re bad for my teeth.”


The monster was a little disappointed and returned the snacks to the drawer.

After thinking for a while, I told him in a comforting voice, “I’ll eat them the next time I come here.”

“You won’t stay here?” he asked curiously.

I contemplated for a while and answered vaguely, “Let me see.”

“See what?”

I didn’t answer his question. Instead, I jumped off the sofa and walked around the room. Firstly, I needed to confirm if the monster had told me the truth before I decided if I wanted to stay.

Although no bad guys who kidnapped children would roam around the imperial city, what if he had lied to me about being my brother? I didn’t want to be fooled.

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