Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 976

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 976 Monster In Fairy Tales

Beryl’s POV:

I followed Grandma’s subordinate discreetly.

While I was eating a few minutes ago, I heard the mention of a ball. I was curious about what Grandma had asked him to do.

I followed him to the study. He came out holding a pile of invitations. After he left, I quickly slipped into the study and spotted a few blank invitation letters on the desk. They had no names.

Grandma must have instructed her subordinate to deliver the invitation letters.

I stood on the chair and studied the invitation. It was decorated with beautiful flowers.

My Mask Mommy, that was the lady in the mask, was definitely not invited, because this ball was being held to choose a wife for Daddy, meaning he would choose a new Mommy for me. So, old Mommy definitely couldn’t attend it.

I pouted and muttered unhappily to myself. Although Mask Mommy always wore a mask and looked weird, I liked her very much. I even enjoyed the feeling when she only paid attention to me. That was why I was deliberately being lukewarm toward her, because I wanted her to look at me all the time.

She was better. I didn’t want a new Mommy.

I climbed onto the table and picked up a pen from the pen stand. I pulled out the cap and tried to recall her name. Then I leaned forward and wrote the crooked letters ‘Cr’ on the invitation… How was her name spelled? Crital! That must be it!

I analyzed the name on the invitation with satisfaction, and then my eyes fell on a big seal box on the table. Daddy usually pressed it down on the documents. I took a small square seal and patted it on the ink pad. Then, I used all my strength to press it down on the invitation. Done! Mommy could attend the ball!

Although the handwriting was a little crooked, no one would figure out it was fake! After all, it was stamped with Daddy’s seal. The maids said that Daddy could do anything in the imperial palace. His seal was as good as himself, which was also authoritative.

I was so happy that I clutched the invitation to my chest and imagined the scene where Daddy held Mask Mommy’s hand and they twirled on the dance floor together. It would be wonderful.

Humming a song, I jumped off the chair and took my self-made invitation to give to Mask Mommy.

I ran all the way out of the palace before I bumped into a problem. I didn’t know where she lived.

I vaguely remembered that she was residing in an Alpha palace, but there were many palaces for Alphas. Which one was she living in?

I murmured to myself and walked around, following my instincts.

After walking around in this way for a long time, I still couldn’t locate the Alpha palace. I sat on a low boulder, holding my chin up with my hand. I wanted to ask some passers-by.

But I waited in vain for a long time, not seeing anyone, not even a maid. I pouted, my eyes drooping with sleep. Fortunately, I had some candies in my pocket. I took one out and popped it into my mouth, after which my head stopped throbbing.

I rested for a long while before setting out again. I believed that I would have to deliver the invitation to Mask Mommy today, or I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

But even after walking around for a long time, I couldn’t find the Alpha palace. Eventually, I got lost.

Darkness was setting in. The streetlights had come on. In a daze, I walked in the direction of a garden with several stairs.

I could make someone out at the end of these stairs. I ran up the stairs, panting for breath. A short kid with a heavily bandaged face abruptly jumped out of nowhere. He looked like a monster in a fairytale, and I was so terrified that I fell.

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