Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 967

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 967 Mutual Restraint

Crystal’s POV:

After everyone left, Rufus walked over and finally answered my question. “Beryl’s clothes got stained while she was eating. I asked the maid to take her back to her room and get changed.”

“Beryl, is she…” My voice trailed off. I wanted to ask if she was getting used to living in the palace, but judging from Rufus’ protective att*itude towards her, I figured her life here must be very comfy

“Don’t worry. The maids I a*s*signed to look after Beryl were all carefully selected. They won’t do anything bad to her. Those maids just now are of the lowest rank. It’s my fault they aren’t disciplined and even talk nonsense here. It won’t happen again.” Rufus thought I was worried about the maids hurting Beryl, so he rea*s*sured me.

“I trust you, Your Majesty,” I said with a smile. Since Rufus decided to keep Beryl with him, I knew that he cared about her very much. Otherwise, he wouldn’t spoil her like this.

“I took Arron to see the queen mother today.” Afraid that Rufus would misunderstand my reason for being here, I took the initiative to explain.

“My mother really adores Arron. You should take him here more often.”

I nodded wordlessly, feeling a little bitter in my heart. It was a pity that I would be leaving after a few days…

“Shall we head back? Beryl should have changed her clothes by now,” Rufus suggested.

I quietly followed Rufus back inside.

On the way, I asked him in a seemingly casual manner. “You seem very tolerant of Beryl. I thought that after finding out she’s my daughter, you’d—”

I paused, not knowing how to say the rest without sounding offensive.

One eyebrow raised, Rufus turned to me and snorted, “I’d what? Eat her?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I couldn’t believe Rufus had just cracked a joke, which was a little cute. “No, not eat her! I just thought that you’re a lot more patient than I expected. You are not as cold and irritable as the rumors say. At least, you’re gentle with kids.”

No wonder those maids guessed that Beryl was his illegitimate daughter. In the eyes of outsiders, Rufus was indifferent even to Laura, but kind to Beryl.

Rufus fell silent for a while. “I don’t know why, but every time I see Beryl, I feel kind of happy. Maybe it’s because we get along well. It’s a strange feeling. It’s the first time a child ever called me ‘Dad’.”

I lowered my head and followed him silently. Feelings of depression and confusion surged up in my heart. What if Beryl just couldn’t regained her memory anytime soon? Although I had thought of forcibly taking Beryl away, it would definitely scare her. After all, as of now, she thought that Rufus was her only family.

“What’s on your mind?” Rufus suddenly asked.

“Nothing. I just don’t know what else to say,” I murmured in low spirits.

“Let me guess. You’re worried about Beryl’s injury. If she doesn’t regain her memory, it will be difficult for her to recall you, her mother. Then you may not be able to take Beryl back to the border pack.” After saying that, Rufus smiled meaningfully. There was a spark in his eyes, which was particularly bright and beautiful under the light of the setting sun.

I glared at him a little angrily. “Think you can keep her?” Rufus snorted. “I can’t bear to see you bothering yourself like that. I’ll ask the doctor to make a plan to help Beryl regain her memory. As for your return to the pack, you shouldn’t worry about that. I haven’t agreed to let you leave.”

“Wait, what?”

What on earth was that supposed to mean? I couldn’t go back to my own pack without his permission? I looked at him in confusion, waiting for him to explain.

But Rufus simply turned around and kept walking. “What do you mean?” I finally asked through gritted teeth. “I’m going back to my pack in few days.”

Rufus ignored me. As soon as he turned a corner, he bumped into a small figure rushing over at us.

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