Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 960

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 960 Suspect

Crystal’s POV:

Rufus’ words made my heart beat violently, like a withered tree in a desert suddenly being watered by rain. I felt a mixture of happiness and worry. Rain never lasted long, and I also knew that anything I discarded would be lost forever.

“Have you ever felt that you have lost your memory fragments? When you meet someone or see something, have you felt an instant sense of familiarity that you couldn’t explain?” Rufus looked at me calmly. His question made me feel nervous despite the friendly tone of our conversation.

“Why made you say that? You lost your memory?” I asked while staring directly into Rufus’ eyes, afraid of reading a doubt there.

Rufus blinked and smiled. There was no confusion in his eyes, and he looked more certain.

“No. My memory has always been very consistent and clear since I was a child. Maybe those familiar scenes have appeared in my dreams before. Sometimes I am just too tired to distinguish dream from reality.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “Then that should be your illusion, Your Majesty. Please take care of yourself and have enough rest. Don’t overwork yourself.”

Rufus’ eyebrows shot up in surprise. “I had no idea you had such a soft side. I thought you never take me seriously.” “How dare I do that? You are always the greatest and most valiant king in my heart.” I complimented him while I rubbed behind my ear. Even though I had been an Alpha for a while and had learned social graces, I was still uncomfortable giving public praise, especially to a man who perceived me as an imaginary enemy.

Forgot it. It was always right to be nice to others. I could not bear to be one of Rufus’ enemies, especially now that Beryl was staying with him.

Since I could neither be his enemy or lover now, I might as well just be his most loyal and devoted official.

While thinking, I continued to flatter him, “Back when I was a kid, I looked up to you so much. One day, I hope to grow into someone as admirable as you.”

“Someone like me? Well, you certainly dream big, don’t you? You even want to become a king like me.” Rufus gave me a puzzled and dissatisfied look.

I was speechless, and I felt terrible because I didn’t mean any of that at all! Rufus was really good at this. No matter what I said, he would always suspect that I was plotting something against him.

I thought for a while and answered weakly, “I won’t do that. All I want is to be as strong and courageous as you.” “Okay.” Rufus nodded meaningfully and continued, “That being the case, let’s fight on the training ground. Show me what you’re made of.”

“No, no, no. I’m not wearing suitable clothes for fighting. Maybe another day.” I waved my hands and refused at once.

“Well, okay. But since you’re here, how about I show you around the palace?” The corners of his lips lifted. He seemed to be in a good mood.

Meanwhile, I was a little confused, but I still agreed anyway. In my mind, I rea*s*sured myself that nothing would happen, and I’d be back safe and sound in no time. A part of me also wanted to spend some more time with him.

As we proceeded through the palace, Rufus painstakingly explained the decoration and structure of the whole place.

I listened intently, and a twinge of bitterness crept into my heart. In fact, I had been very familiar with this place. Every corner here reflected the times I had spent with Rufus, which were more vivid and recent than the memories of my life in the pack when I was a child.

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