Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 958

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 958 How embarra*s*sing!

Crystal’s POV:

I left Flora’s residence and wove my way through the crowd. Wading amongst the thick throngs of people, I felt depressed again. All of a sudden, I felt a little lonely and helpless.

There were too many problems in my mind and I couldn’t figure any of them out.

In a daze, I subconsciously headed to Rufus’ former residence, which was left unguarded for some reason. Maybe the guards hadn’t come back from the military parade.

I stood at the gate for a long time and stared at the palace quietly. There were only a few lamps swaying in the corridor. I still remembered hanging them myself because I disliked the dimly lit corridor.

I also found myself wondering if the pear tree in the garden was blooming.

Without thinking, I stepped inside and made my way to the small garden in the back. It was full of blooming flowers, and the gr@pe rack was still there, but there were no gr@pes on the vines. The goldfishes in the small pond were also gone. Perhaps they had been transferred elsewhere.

Standing under the leafless pear tree, I felt so sad. This place was no longer what it used to be, let alone the people lived in here.

Rufus would never sit under pear tree and watch the sky with me at night ever again. The sooner I accepted that, the better.

At this time, there was a sudden noise at the gate. It seemed that the guards had come back. I panicked. If the guards knew I was here, they would definitely report it to Rufus. And since Rufus already suspected me, it would be more difficult for me to explain myself if they saw me here.

Thinking fast, I darted into the palace to hide. I could always slip away when the guards changed shifts.

I went upstairs and came across the room I once lived in with Rufus. I thought it would be empty, but to my surprise, the furnishings and items in the room hadn’t changed. The handmade rocking chair was still there, and even the flowerpot on the windowsill was still there. And the room was clean, as though it was cleaned regularly.

I walked around and found that it wasn’t changed at all. Even the clothes in the dressing room were those from five years ago. But this room I once lived in had no trace of me. My old life with Rufus was like nothing but a dream, beautiful and illusory.

There was a coat on the sofa. It must’ve been left by Rufus some time ago.

Rufus’ scent still lingered on the coat, which enchanted me.

Rufus didn’t like to use perfume, but he had always smelled good to me. In order to keep his scent with me, I used the same shower gel as his even until now. However, I could never replicate Rufus’ unique smell.

I held his coat in my arms, as if I was holding Rufus himself. The thought made me feel even more upset.

If I didn’t listen, see, or think about him, my inner desire wouldn’t rear its ugly head. But now, everywhere I looked reminded me of him, and I could no longer control my suppressed feelings.

I put down his coat, turned around, and was about to go downstairs to look around. Unexpectedly, I bumped into Rufus. He was walking towards me with an expressionless face, which sent me into a panic. “Why are you here?” I blurted without thinking.

Damn it! I hope he didn’t see me holding his coat and sniffing it like some creepy stalker just now!

I felt so embarra*s*sed just thinking about it!

Help! This was too embarra*s*sing!

Why didn’t he go to the party?! Why was he here?! “Shouldn’t I ask be the one asking you that?”

Rufus stopped in front of me. He casually glanced at the coat on the sofa and then shifted his gaze to me. “You seem to like my coat very much,” he commented lightly.

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