Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 879

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 879 Twins

Crystal’s POV:

Time flew, and five years had already passed.

The Sylvia Todd was now Alpha Crystal Quinn of the border pack.

I had just finished dealing with today’s government affairs in the meeting hall. At this time, a subordinate rushed in to report that the vampires had come to har@ssthe border residents again.

“Let’s go and have a look.” I instantly put my pen down and aggressively led my people to the border area.

When I arrived, I spotted two vampires arrogantly grabbing two male werewolves of fifteen or sixteen years old. My blood began boiling. I immediately turned into a wolf and charged at them. I attacked them with my claws and knocked them over, breaking their noses with one swipe of my paw.

When the two vampires saw me, they hastily released the werewolves they were holding hostage, turned around, and tried to run away.

I had no intention of letting them escape. I rushed forward and stopped them swiftly.

The vampires’ faces were still covered in blood. Although they were panic-stricken, they still wore arrogant expressions. “If you dare to do anything to us, we will come back here and har@ssthe residents every day.”

I laughed frostily, aimed a hard kick at the vampire who was speaking so conceitedly and sneered, “We have a grand parade of our werewolf pack today. We have a lot of visitors in the city, which gave villains like you a chance to sneak in here. I have warned you long ago that if you dare invade our pack again, you will be leaving this place in chains.”

The vampires became intimidated and begged for mercy. “We know how powerful you are now. We will never do this again. Please have mercy!”

“It’s too late.” I didn’t want to look at their faces anymore. I gave an order to take them to east mine to work.

The vampires cried and shrieked as they were dragged away. I dusted my trousers and returned to the city in a good mood.

The construction work of the border pack was on the right track over the past five years, and the lives of the citizens were improving steadily.

When I first a*s*sumed my position here, several people recognized my face, but I didn’t admit the truth. I just said that Sylvia and I were related by blood, so I looked similar to her. In addition, with Laura’s letter of appointment, no one had an issue with my resemblance to Sylvia Todd even if their suspicions were aroused. After all, the queen was one of the highest authorities in the country. How could she let a sinner become an Alpha?

Even though I successfully took over the position of Alpha, several people still didn’t accept me. Most of the dissidents were the elders in the pack. These elders had expected they would become the new Alpha, but I ended up shattering their dream into pieces.

However, it didn’t matter. The law of the jungle prevailed in this world. I was capable enough to manage the pack now. If they weren’t convinced, I could prove my prowess with actual deeds.

In the first two years, the vampires were eager to make a move at the border. I personally led the sold*iers to battle. Not only did I repel their invasion, but I also took back several domains they had occupied. Since then, the elders had no choice but to accept me as the Alpha.

Just as I was reminiscing about this, a sound jolted me back to reality. Before I entered the room, a small kid rushed toward me at the speed of a cannonball.


The little girl shouted as she threw herself into my arms. I quickly crouched down and caught her, nuzzling her smooth tender cheek with mine.

“Beryl wants a kiss.” She stood on her tiptoes and pouted her messy lips. She hadn’t wiped her mouth after eating, and was about to touch my face with those greasy lips.

I held her chubby little body close to mine and helplessly said, “Beryl, you ate the roast chicken behind my back again.”

With a guilty conscience, Beryl quickly gave me several kisses on my cheek and said, “No, I didn’t. My brother took me to eat it, and the elders also saw it.”

Her reasoning amused me and I burst into laughter. She believed that if there were other people around, it was wrong for me to claim that she ate the chicken secretly, because she didn’t do it secretly! “So you ate it openly, right?”

“That’s right. Mom, you should praise me. I gave the two drumsticks to my brother.” Beryl shook her head smugly, snuggled into my arms, and sat on my lap.

“Why are you being so nice to your brother today?” I rubbed her nose and watched her with amusement.

“Because he took me to play on the slide today. He deserved the reward.” Beryl wrapped her arms around my neck and swayed her short legs with a smile. “Mom, hurry up. Let’s go find my brother. I ran very fast right now, so he couldn’t keep up with me.”

At this moment, another childish voice came from behind us.


I turned around and saw my son, Arron, standing a little distance away and sweetly calling out to me.

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