Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 870

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 870 The Shame Of The Empire

Harry’s POV:

The crowd began clamoring when the charred corpses were carried onto the stage.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Joanna was also shell- shocked. She lost her cool and couldn’t keep her voice steady as she asked, “Is… Is that Sylvia?”

Both the corpses were burnt beyond recognition, and the skeletons were wrapped in rags.

With red eyes, I muttered in disbelief, “How is this possible? Sylvia and her child…”

All of a sudden, the crowd began cheering. Sylvia and Noreen’s death had left them in high spirits.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I charged onto the stage without caring about anything else, but was instantly stopped by Laura’s guards.

Joanna also rushed to join me in fighting them off, but we were soon subdued by the sold*iers as we were outnumbered.

Laura gracefully approached me and snorted, “What? Do you still want to defend your good friend Sylvia?”

“I don’t believe that’s Sylvia!” I gritted my teeth and struggled with clenched fists.

How could Sylvia d*ie? What would Rufus do if she was really dead? He would certainly be devastated since he loved her immensely.

My grief and sadness transformed into anger, making me increasingly powerful. The sold*iers who had been holding me back couldn’t resist my strength anymore. They loosened their grip on me until I finally managed to shake them off.

I rushed to the center of the trial stage, but was quickly stopped by another group of sold*iers.

“Let me go!” I glared at Laura.

She regarded me with a frosty expression for a few seconds before finally agreeing. “Since you don’t seem convinced, I’ll let you see her body to your heart’s content.”

Then she motioned at the sold*iers surrounding me to release me and let me come closer.

I hurried to the corpses’ side. When I spotted the same star diamond bracelet hanging on one of their wrists, I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore and cried out. Although it was burned, I could still make out that it belonged to Sylvia.

This star diamond bracelet was a token of love from Rufus to Sylvia. She wore it all the time.

Joanna also came beside me. She took off her coat and gently wrapped it around Sylvia’s body. Then she began to sob.

The more I cried, the more emotional I became. Finally, I couldn’t restrain my anger anymore. I turned to Laura and shouted, “You are the queen of our country. Based on the mere words of some people, you jumped to the conclusion that Sylvia is a murderer without any solid proof. She was pregnant with Rufus’ child! It would have been born in a few months, but you burned it to death! You have absolutely no conscience! You wronged a good person!”

I didn’t notice when the crowd abruptly fell silent. The whole square resounded with my voice of grief and indignation.

“Sylvia has saved so many people! It’s fine if you’re not grateful, but why did you defame her? She was six months pregnant! Didn’t you feel any guilt when she and her child were burned to death? I don’t care whether you believe Sylvia or not. But I will never accept that she would betray our country. Now that you have murdered her, you can K*ll me as well! You can accuse me of being a spy working for vampires. You have no problem with sentencing a person indiscriminately. If I claim right now that I’m a vampire, I’m certain you will believe it!”

“Shut up! Don’t say one more word!” Laura was so enraged that she ordered a sold*ier to gag me.

“Hmm…” I was unwilling to submit and struggled profusely. I still harbored a lot of resentment in my heart that I hadn’t vented yet!

Laura glowered at me, then turned to address the crowd. “Sylvia Todd has committed a heinous crime and almost married the prince. She has brought shame to the entire werewolf race. From now on, no one is allowed to mention her name again. Those who disobey this order will be considered her accomplices and be expelled from the werewolf race.”

After saying that, she paused and announced to imprison Joanna and me for stirring up trouble.

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