Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 864

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 864 Never Gamble On Human Nature

Noreen’s POV:

I hid in the black smoke and laughed at Sylvia as she stood on the trial platform. “Look, no one will believe you. You’ll never be anything but a lowly slave in their eyes. No matter how hard you worked and how many people you saved, you would be discarded without a second thought. Just like now, no one cared about what the truth was. They only believed what they saw with their own eyes. So, come with me. There is a better world waiting for you outside of here. Don’t waste your black witch bloodline here.”

Sylvia raised her head and threw a stern stare at me. Her mouth curled into a mocking grin as she said, “Stop playing tricks, Noreen. They won’t work on me.”

I snorted coldly and gave up persuading her. In a flash, I appeared in the middle of the execution platform, looking down on Sylvia as she knelt on the ground. “You are really as stubborn as your mother, always unwilling to listen to me. Don’t waste your time by resisting. How many of these folks actually think you are innocent? The people you care about are nothing but a group of blind idiots. You try to be real with everyone, but you just wind up as a joke. Never gamble on human nature, Sylvia, because you are doomed to lose.”

Sylvia raised her head to look at me, emotionless. “Is that why you’ve planned all this? Do you wish for me to be cut off from my family and friends? If so, then you have succeeded.”

Upon hearing what she said, I smiled, squatted down, and looked at her. “That won’t be the case, Sylvia. You still have me. We are related by blood and I will never abandon you. So, you should forget all about being a werewolf and come with me. Only then will you truly understand the real meaning of life. Instead of spending your time daydreaming about love and being obsessed with a mere male wolf, you think about your true purpose in life.”

With those words, Sylvia finally showed a hint of hesitation. “How can I believe you?”

I was overjoyed. As expected, a person facing her death would show weakness and succumb easily.

I didn’t expect Sylvia to give in so soon. I thought it would take a long time to persuade her to go with me. “We share the same bloodline. You have no choice but to believe me now.” I showed a confident and complacent smile, and the long lost joy surged into my heart.

Sylvia sneered. “Bloodline is the most unreliable thing of all. I also have the werewolf bloodline, but I ended up like this. How will you be different from them? Won’t you betray and hurt me just like they did when you’re done with me one day? After all, it’s all your fault that I’m in this situation. I learned my lesson, Noreen. I will never believe anyone’s empty words. You’ll have to prove yourself to make me believe you.”

“It’s useless to think too much. Time will prove everything. You only have two choices now. Either you beg me to save you, or you wait for your death.” My eyebrows stretched into a line as I stared at Sylvia coldly. I was one final step away from succeeding and I was afraid she might go back on her word. 

“I’ll give you ten seconds to think about it. If you don’t go with me, then accept your death.”

As I spoke, I began to count down from ten. The black fog gradually dissipated with my voice. When I counted to the five, a panicked expression finally appeared on Sylvia’s face.

I enjoyed watching Sylvia struggle before her death, just like I did when I took control of Olivia’s life.

The moment I counted to two, Sylvia finally spoke. “Please, save me.”

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