Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 863

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 863 A Sinner

Harry’s POV:

Sylvia was brought to the center of the trial platform. Laura raised her hand, signaling the crowd to quiet down. Then the judge took to the podium with a large stack of paperwork in hand and began reading the charges against Sylvia. “Sylvia Todd colluded with the black witch and wreaked havoc in the imperial palace. She manipulated the servants with witchcraft to poison the lycan king. She even hurt Prince Rufus, causing him to fall into a coma. To this day, he is still unconscious. There is no way to dispute the evidence at this point, so she will be sentenced to death and executed immediately.”

The crowd broke into discussions upon hearing the judge. Before the announcement, they thought it was all just a rumor. But now that the charges were announced, it proved all the suspicions.

“I told you she was the mastermind behind everything, but some of you didn’t believe me. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“How dare she poison our king? She deserves to d*ie ten thousand times.”

“What a cunning woman! Prince Rufus was going to marry her. Maybe the baby in her belly is not his. How else could the queen have the heart to sentence her to death?”

“She is so good at pretending! We were all cheated by her before. Maybe she K*lled those sold*iers in the forbidden forest too and pinned the blame on Prince Richard.”

Damn it! What the hell was going on? How could these idiots think Sylvia was to blame for what happened in the forbidden forest?

I got more and more infuriated as I listened. Sylvia was not an absolutely vile human being. Even though she had significantly contributed to this country, her efforts were disregarded. She was now a sinner, permanently affixed to the post of disgrace. She shouldn’t be wronged like this.

“Get ready to take action,” Joanna whispered in my ear before vanishing into the crowd.

The judge read the charge and waited for Laura’s order. Joanna had already been lurking in the crowd, waiting for the right moment to strike. I secretly took out the smoke and flash bombs that I had already prepared from my pocket, preparing to create a commotion in the crowd to create an opportunity for Joanna.

When the bell rang from a tower in the distance, Laura rose gracefully from her chair and took two steps forward. She showed no emotions on her face as if she was indifferent to life. Even though Sylvia was pregnant with Rufus’ child, she would not hesitate to sentence her to death today.

I was furious. I used to admire Laura so much and think she was a righteous Queen. But now, I was beginning to reevaluate my initial impression of her.

“Sinner Sylvia Todd, what else do you have to say for yourself?” Laura asked in a cold tone.

After a long silence, Sylvia lowered her head, obviously having no intention of defending herself. 

I was so anxious that I wished I could speak for Sylvia.

What the hell was Sylvia doing? She was going to d*ie, yet she remained silent as if admitting to the charges they pressed against her!

“In that case, execute the sentence.”

After hearing her order, a male wolf with a gun came onto the stage.

I knew the gun must be loaded with a silver bullet, which could instantly K*ll a powerful werewolf. I couldn’t wait any longer!

I quickly located Joanna, winked at her, and read*ied myself to release the smoke bomb.

But before I could do anything, a mysterious black fog rolled in and began to blanket the entire execution ground.

The crowd stirred up in an instant, and everyone scrambled to escape.

“Run! It’s an attack from the black witch!” someone in the crowd shouted.

It was sheer mayhem and chaos. Everyone ran all the same time, some even trampling on others. I was pushed back and gradually pulled farther away from the execution ground.

My mind automatically searched for Joanna, but she had already moved, and I couldn’t find her.

I struggled out of the crowd anxiously and tried to find her. But before I could squeeze through the panicking ma*s*ses, I was shrouded in the black mist. The surroundings suddenly quieted down as if everything around me had disappeared without a trace.

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