Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 861

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 861 Grow Up

Harry’s POV:

“Then arrest me!” I held my ground and yelled at Laura, “You’ve already sentenced Sylvia to death anyway, so I don’t care if you arrest me.”

“Do you really think I wouldn’t do it?!” Laura roared, took up the cup, and prepared to smash it on the floor.

Suddenly, a pet*ite figure rushed out and quickly tugged at my sleeve. It was Joanna, who was just released without charge.

I felt a surge of joy at the sight of her, but I was immediately overwhelmed by my foul mood again. I couldn’t just leave Sylvia behind. I wanted to continue arguing with Laura, but Joanna covered my mouth and dragged me out.

As soon as I walked out of the palace, I heard the sound of a smashing cup from inside.

Laura had always been like this. She would always yank and destroy whatever she could hold on to whenever she was angry. It seemed that what I did annoyed her just now. But so what? I had to help my friend, even if I had to make a great sacrifice.

With a worried expression on her face, Joanna dragged me away to a spot where no one else was there. She had slimmed down significantly, revealing a more defined jawline. Her face was lean, without any excess fat. I wanted to comfort her but was at a loss for words. Sylvia was just sentenced to death, and I was in a foul mood. “Something is off, but I can’t put my finger on it.” Joanna paced back and forth with a serious look on her face.

Eventually, I was able to collect myself and give the situation some serious thought. Sylvia wasn’t the only one on edge last night; Prince Rufus was acting peculiarly as well. With his strength, I doubt he would be injured so severely that Laura had to take him aways for treatment.

And it all happened just in one night. Why did Laura suddenly declare that Sylvia was the murderer? People would definitely be caught off guard.

Was it Sylvia’s other plan? Although I thought so, I was still very uneasy.

Flora was pregnant, and Warren still hadn’t gotten over Leonard’s death and he had to take care of his pregnant wife, so I couldn’t disturb them.

“Sylvia is secretly imprisoned. No one knows where she is except the queen. We can only see Sylvia on the day of her execution,” Joanna analyzed calmly.

Hearing this renewed my anxieties. “It would be too late on the day of execution. What if the queen K*lls her?”

“Don’t worry, Harry. Panicking wouldn’t help us at this critical moment. Surely there is something uncanny about this matter. Why is Prince Rufus unconscious?” Joanna wondered with evident suspicion.

“I suspect Noreen is up to her old tricks again. After all, I think only the black witch can hurt Prince Rufus.” I boldly guessed.

“There’s nothing we can do except wait until the day of the execution. Regardless, I will save Sylvia.” Joanna made up her mind.

“If that’s the case, count me in. Let’s save Sylvia together!” Freeing a prisoner was a difficult task. There would be a higher probability of success if we had more people on board. In addition, I didn’t want Joanna to have to keep fighting alone.

I would try my best to be by her side from now on.

But Joanna shook her head firmly and said, “No, you can’t go with me.”

“Why not?” I didn’t expect her to flat-out refuse my help. The thought of it made me feel a little disappointed.

“I’m a nobody. It won’t matter if I end up an escaped convict for helping Sylvia. Besides, I’m good at it. I’ve been trained for this kind of daunting task since I was a child. But you are different. You are widely recognized as the future Alpha of your pack. And having you around will just slow me down.” Joanna made little effort to treat me with deference and flat-out refused my offer.

I was a little mad, but I didn’t know how to refute her.

Joanna sighed and softened her tone. “Think about your family and the pack. Don’t get them into trouble because of your impulse.”

Upon hearing what she said, I had nothing to say. I lowered my head and fell into the abyss of pain.

“But I’ll still need your a*s*sistance on that particular day. You can help me secretly.” Joanna tried and comforted me.

The instant I heard those words, I felt somehow better.

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