Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 838

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 838 The Spy Has Already Infiltrated

Sylvia’s POV:

All Maya’s changes were very subtle. If Rufus hadn’t checked Ethan’s d*iet records today, we might not have found anything wrong with her.

She was a sensible, gentle person. She would occasionally become extroverted whenever she was with me in private, and she rarely had any conflict with other people. Not to mention, she was responsible, especially when it came to her job. It would be impossible for her to tell the chef make something cold for the lycan king if she knew he wasn’t feeling well.

And even if the chef did listen to her advice, he wouldn’t just serve the king a bowl of shaved ice without the doctor’s consent because it clearly wouldn’t be good for the king’s health.

I began recalling the time I spent with Maya. Maybe I was overthinking, but now that I looked back, I noticed a lot of strange things about her.

“Can a person’s habits change in a short time?” I asked in confusion as I turned to Rufus.

Rufus thoughtfully rubbed his chin. “I don’t think that’s possible. Not unless they’ve been through something huge or traumatic that could affect their entire personality.”

“Maya used to hate the smell of jasmine flowers, but when I walked past her room the last time, I saw jasmine flowers on her table. She never eats pork either, but one time, I saw she cooked a large pot of pork and shared it with the guards,” I replied, slowly becoming even more confused by Maya’s recent actions. “She doesn’t have a family or a lover, so she has been staying in the palace this entire time. And her life here was perfectly peaceful. I don’t think she would go through anything huge or traumatic like you said, that led to the change of her personality.”

Although Rufus was cold and indifferent to people, Maya had been following him ever since she entered the palace. He had been very tolerant of her when it came to many things.

“Maya was the one who told me what happened between you and Blair,” he said, sounding a little unhappy. It was almost as if he remembered something unpleasant.

I felt a chill down my spine and quickly changed the topic. “Actually, that reminds me of something. Didn’t someone send a message to Richard and asked him to destroy the potted plant in your room? At that time, you tracked down the IP address and found out that the message was sent out from Blair’s phone, but now, I think Maya’s the one who did actually it.”

Rufus pressed his lips into a thin line and tapped the table with his fingers, seemingly lost in thought.

“Even though Blair was obsessed with me for some reason back at that time, I don’t think he would ever hurt you.” I walked up to Rufus and sat next to him. “Think about it. Who would know where the potted plant actually was? Maya is the only one who comes to our room often.”

“So you’re saying it’s Maya?” Rufus coldly asked.

I took his hand, knowing that he was beginning to get mad. I completely understood how he was feeling right now. After all, no one would feel good knowing that there was a spy around them the whole time. I was no exception.

“The problem is we can’t be sure whether Noreen is controlling Maya or if she actually disguises herself as Maya. We have to find a way to verify it,” I said with a sad sigh.

My thoughts wandered to the worst possible scenario, but I had no idea how to verify it. I had already witnessed how powerful Noreen actually was. She could flawlessly disguise herself as literally anyone, and no one could even tell the difference.

Rufus rea*s*suringly squeezed my hand. “Don’t worry. I have a way to verify it.”

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