Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 833

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 833 Noreen’s Real Purpose

Sylvia’s POV:

“She is interested in the lycan bloodline?” I looked at Joanna and c*oc*ked my head in bewilderment. Did the lycan bloodline have influence on the black witch?

Joanna nodded and said, “Yes. She once told me when she was drunk. The black witch race has always highly regarded a pure bloodline while a hybrid is completely useless in their eyes.”

I pursed my lips and sneered. “Yes, the noble black witch race never allows the hybrid to stain their pure bloodline.” Back then, my mother fled the black witch race after getting bullied by a coven of witches with pure bloodline because of her hybrid ident*ity.

“My adoptive mother is powerful and arrogant. She wants to dismantle these boundaries among bloodlines. During her research, she discovered that a hybrid was more likely to have the potential to overcome the bloodline restriction and it would produce a stronger black witch,” Joanna spoke expressionlessly.

I found it a little funny. “She spends a great deal of time each day studying this nonsense? Seriously, what’s her problem?”

However, Joanna cast me a somber stare. “I don’t think her research is useless. This idea might be far-fetched, but had my adopted mother succeeded that year, the werewolves and the vampires would be no match for the black witches now, given her intelligence and power. A hybrid is only weak at their early stage because the different bloodlines suppress each other. Once the bloodlines are awakened, the hybrid will have a stronger power. What you need to know is that the lycan bloodline is exceptionally strong, powerful and rare. If it could merge with the black witch bloodline, no one knows what kind of power it could yield.”

My lips twisted as I looked down at my palm. I had both the said bloodlines, but I don’t have the kind of power Joanna described.

Aside from the rare occasions when my power suddenly lost control, I don’t feel anything strong within me.

I think both my bloodlines just existed independently and could never be channeled.

“So Noreen’s goal is to breed a lot of hybrids?”

“Yes, the reason why my adoptive mother seduced the lycan king is to verify her theory. She thought she had succeeded, but she was wrong. Ethan didn’t love her at all. For a black witch, they can never get pregnant unless a man has true feelings for her.” Joanna sighed. Noreen didn’t hate Ethan because she loved him too much and couldn’t be with him. She hated him because she felt ashamed and humiliated after her despicable plan failed. The fatal blow to Noreen came when she realized that Ethan’s back was devoid of the black thorns.

Noreen was inherently cunning and pretentious. With her powerful ability, she probably thought that she could do whatever she wanted. But much to her surprise, she couldn’t get the man to love her.

How pathetic and pitiful she was! She had lived for such a long time without anybody truly loving her.

Still, I couldn’t shake the lingering uncertainties in my mind. Time had passed since that incident. What made 

Noreen gamble by sending Joanna to murder Ethan? Noreen would not wait until now to do something like this if she truly despised Ethan.

As far as I knew, she was the type of person who would quickly snap out of sadness. She had cast a curse on Ethan so that he would never have any more children. Noreen should have moved on and there was no way she would still hold a grudge against him until now.

Even stranger, Noreen showed up at the same time I first awakened the black witch’s bloodline. Since then, she had been haunting me. Everything she had done seemed connected to me.

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