Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 829

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 829 Who Is She

Sylvia’s POV:

Everything has turned for the worse. Laura almost fainted when she had heard that Ethan was put in a critical condition. It was a fortunate thing that the doctor was present and was able to inject tranquilizer into Laura just in time.

“How is the queen now?” Looking at Rufus’ gloomy face made me even more anxious.

“She’s with my father. She has managed to calm down for now.” Rufus was clearly depressed, his low tone reverberating through my ears. He caressed my hands and began to walk us out. “Let’s talk outside. It’s too depressing in here.”

I nodded and followed him to the corridor.

“Is it a stab wound?” I asked.

Rufus shook his head in response. “No, it’s poison. If it were a stab wound, it would have been easy to deal with. The werewolf race is blessed with strong physique, and with the good medical sK*lls we have now, there should be no other problems with my father if he’ll be rescued at the right time. But poisoning is trickier to deal with.”

“And you can’t identify what kind of poison it is?” My brows furrowed as Noreen had appeared in my subconscious thought. Noreen had poisoned the people around me for several times now. Could it be her again doing all of this?

“No, I haven’t found out what it is yet. The doctor is working very slowly in developing the antidote with the limited information we’ve got now. My father won’t be able to hold on for much longer. We have to know what the poison is and find its sample. But the K*ller refused to make aware her motives, let alone speak. And even more: after the investigation, I discovered that the real John had actually d*ied a long time ago. The she-wolf we caught this time, she looks exactly like John and she has been using his ident*ity for years. But even John’s biological parents have no idea about this, nor do they know who she really is.” I could tell Rufus was very frustrated. He kept grazing the ring on his index finger with his thumb. I noticed that every time he was about to lose his hold on his anger, he would do this involuntarily.

If it weren’t for the fact that Rufus hadn’t found the antidote, he would have wanted to K*ll Joanna right now. “Let’s wait for a while. Then, if there is still nothing else we can do, I must f0rce her to confess with cruel t*ortur*e,” Rufus said nonchalantly.

Cruel t*ortur*e was even more painful than death. Joanna’s life was going to be a living hell if she still refused to talk.

I took a moment to think before I asked Rufus in a cautious tone, “Could you let me see her first?”

Rufus looked at me with a look of confusion on his face. “Harry came to ask me for help. Joanna is his mate. Oh, that’s her name. Joanna. Anyway, he said that it was all a trap and that Joanna was actually framed.” I relayed to him the exact words Harry said to me.

Rufus had a look of contemplation on his face and then nodded. “Let’s go, then. I’ll go with you.”

Because of the attempted a*s*sa*s*sination on the lycan king, the imperial palace had now enhanced their security and was strictly guarded everywhere you look. The royal family’s visit to the palace was suspended. Now, the number of sold*iers that guarded the dungeon was double in size compared how it was usually guarded. When we had finally arrived at Joanna’s cell, we came upon the sight of her sitting in a chair. Her eyes were closed and no one was able to decipher what was going on in her mind.

She had heard us come in from the noise we made and she looked at us for a beat. Then, she lowered her head, her mouth still shut.

Joanna seemed to be doing fine at this moment. Her clothes may have been a little dirty, but she didn’t seem to have gone through cruel t*ortur*e yet.

“Joanna, can you tell us who persuaded you to do what you did? You know that with your cooperation, the royal family will consider giving you a lighter sentence,” I said my words carefully.

Joanna didn’t raise her head to look at me. She continued to stare at the shackles put on her wrists and quietly examine them, as if we weren’t even in the room. I sighed while saying my words clearly, “You know then, too, that it was Harry who asked me to come see you here. He’s worried about you and he believes that you didn’t do it.”

Finally, I had gotten a reaction out of Joanna. Although she still didn’t say a word, she finally raised her head up and took a good look at me. Behind her calm eyes, I could sense that there were some emotions there that I don’t fully understand. It was a good thing, then, that I mentioned Harry.

I rearranged myself to appear more serious and threatening. With pursed lips, I said, “Yes, we all know that you and Harry are each other’s mate. And now Harry is being considered as an accomplice. Did you know that, according to the law, he should be sentenced together with you?”

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