Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 824

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 824 Heart To Heart Talk With Bestie

Sylvia’s POV:

It wasn’t until then that Flora and Warren noticed me. They quickly stood up from the sofa, looking embarra*s*sed. Especially Warren.

Tears were still streaming down his cheeks as he murmured an apology and hurriedly went into the bathroom.

Flora scratched her head in embarra*s*sment and smiled at me. “Warren has been emotionally unstable recently, and I’ve been having a horrible case of morning sickness. That’s why I couldn’t come to see you.”

“I understand.” I shook my head and flashed her a smile. “There are some things that don’t need to be explained. We’re friends, aren’t we?”

Flora walked over to me and took my hand. Then, she took me to sit on the sofa with her. “So many things have happened recently, and I haven’t had the chance to talk to you. I miss you so much.”

Looking at her baby bump, I was eager to touch it. I was also pregnant, but my gestation period was shorter than hers, and I hadn’t been able to feel my baby move. “Can I touch your belly?” I asked.

“Of course,” Flora said as she casually put my hand on her belly. “It feels comfy, doesn’t it?”

I excitedly nodded. “Yeah. I think the baby is moving!”

Flora chuckled. “Let me touch yours too!”

Then, she put her hand on my belly and muttered, “Your belly is big too even though your gestation period isn’t that long.”

“Really?” I looked down at my belly and then at Flora’s. What she said was true, but my belly was still smaller than hers. “Maybe it’s because I’ve been eating too much. Rufus is strict with my d*iet, and I have to eat all kinds of nutritious food.”

“Warren is basically the same with me! I feel like I’m a pig when he feeds me like that,” Flora said with a sigh. Although she sounded distressed, her expressions were still very sweet. “I didn’t know he was that patient before. Every time I don’t have an appet*ite because of my morning sickness, he would say all the sweet words in the world and do anything just to make me eat more.” Hearing what she said, I felt happy for her.

But when I thought of what had just happened, I couldn’t help but worry. So, I told her what the maids had discussed behind her back.

Surprisingly, she didn’t care about them at all. She even tried to comfort me by saying, “You really shouldn’t take them too seriously. As long as Warren treats me well, that’s enough for me. Besides, I have Owen and others ‘ full attention. Those servants are just jealous!” She placed a hand on my shoulder. “So, don’t worry about me, okay? You should focus more on Prince Rufus. I just wish you two to be happy too.”

Hearing her words of comfort, I was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. I just flashed her a small smile instead. “It’s good that you don’t care about them.”

“Of course, I don’t! My parents told me to be happy and optimistic every single day. If I let myself get influenced by others and let their meaningless harsh words ruin my day, I will lose one day of happiness. That’s not a bargain at all!” Flora’s smile reached her eyes as she said that. “I don’t want Warren to be in a bad mood because of my affairs either. He has already been depressed because of Leonard’s death. He hasn’t been eating well these days and has lost a lot of weight because of it. The reason why I ask him to do all kinds of things for me is that I want to keep him busy so he won’t drown in sadness. Besides, I asked Owen what food Warren likes, so the things I asked Warren to buy are all his favorites. I told him that we shouldn’t waste the food he bought after a few bites and then f0rced him to eat the rest. I just want him to eat something at this point because he’ll definitely get sick if things go on like this.”

Flora had always been a considerate person even though she was willful and careless sometimes. She was really good to Warren, though. I remembered that she had complained about him before, but that was because they had some misunderstandings and he hadn’t realized that she loved him.

So many things had happened lately, and she had grown a lot. She never felt inferior because of her status as an Omega. At that point, she only cared about Warren’s feelings for her.

Unlike her, I had been at odds with Rufus for a long time before because of my inferiority complex.

That was why I admired Flora for her courage and confidence.

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