Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 821

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 821 Repentance

Sylvia’s POV:

Both Alina and Blair were locked up in dungeons, but their living conditions were vastly different. I heard from Rufus that Blair still had access to food and drinks in his cell, as well as books and games to K*ll time. People who didn’t know about his situation might’ve thought he was simply on vacation.

Alina, on the other hand, was imprisoned in a dark, damp cell.

It was barely furnished with only a bed and a table. In the corner sat a mad she-wolf with a disfigured face.

Alina was shackled. Her white robe was stained with mud, and the gold thread embroidered in it was ripped out. The blood on her face had dried up, but the cut was very deep. It likely would never heal properly, permanently disfiguring her once pretty face.

“Why’d you do it, Alina? You K*lled your own father just to inherit the position of Alpha, is that it?” I sat opposite Alina and asked coldly.

Alina looked numb and her eyelids drooped. She stared at the table in a daze. “It’s not like I wanted to K*ll my father. He f0rced me. I had already warned him not to get close to me…”

“You still K*lled him. You can’t change the facts.” I tried my best to keep calm. Alina always played the victim whenever she did something wrong. In the past, she had Leonard to help her, but now, she had no one. Despite this, she still refused to repent for her sins. She was pathetic and hateful.

Alina then giggled like a madwoman. “Yes, I K*lled him. If he hadn’t urged me to get married in the first place, I wouldn’t have resorted to K*lling him. You, on the other hand—he did so much for you so that you can become the new Alpha.”

“You’re wrong, Alina. Leonard just found out that I was his daughter at the time. And a*s*suming he wanted me to become the new Alpha is just ridiculous!”

“Bullsh*t!” Alina didn’t believe a word I said. She glared at me and spat, “If he just found out that you were his daughter, why was he so good to you the whole time? He thought about you all the time. He had never lost his temper with you, and he even spoiled you! On the contrary, he had never been nice to me and my mother. He only ever treated me like his subordinate!”

Alina was so emotional that she stood up abruptly and pounded on the table. “But so what? You’re nothing but an illegitimate daughter. You should feel ashamed of yourself!”

After saying that, she suddenly calmed down and let out a wistful sigh, as if she was the winner. “So, it’s good that my father’s dead. With him gone, your ident*ity will never be restored, and you will never be able to inherit his position as the Alpha!”

I couldn’t stop myself from slapping Alina across the face. “Idiot!”

Alina didn’t say anything more. She just cradled her cheek, as though she was numb from the pain.

I took a deep breath and willed myself to calm down once more. “Ask yourself, wasn’t Leonard good to you? No matter what happened, he’d always help you whenever you got in trouble. He even secretly handled all the dirty things you had done in the capital city just to protect your reputation. And he didn’t just find you a random man out of the blue. Chet was a good man— steady, capable, and responsible. Although his pack was a little small, Leonard had already discussed things with the king and planned to merge the surrounding small packs into Chet’s pack. When Chet inherited the position of Alpha in the future, you would’ve lived a carefree and comfortable life.”

Alina still didn’t say anything. She looked as though her soul had already left her body. However, tears started to slowly roll down her cheeks.

“If you had ever stopped to reflect on your actions, you wouldn’t have ended up like this.” I looked at her coldly without any sympathy. Alina deserved this cruel fate. “So, what are you going to do with me?” Alina asked dully.

I sneered. I decided not to mention the fact that others couldn’t bear to see her executed because of her relation to Leonard. “Everyone hates you and are determined to make your life a living hell.”

Only then did Alina begin to regret her actions. Her face turned pale as a ghost and she grabbed my sleeve desperately. “Sylvia, I’m sorry. I know I was in the wrong. I regret it, okay? Please save me! I’m your sister, for Christ’s sake! If father was here, he would hate to see me like this. If I d*ied, he would definitely not rest in peace!”

“Now you remember father? It’s too late for that.” I laughed coldly, pried her fingers off me, and left the dungeon without looking back.

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