Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 818

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 818 Leave the Werewolf Race Forever

Sylvia’s POV:

As soon as I was done talking, I felt Rufus’ grip on my hand tighten. I turned to look at him, trying to hide the pain in my eyes.

Rufus’ face darkened. He pulled me closer and asked in a low voice, “Sylvia, is this your true purpose all along? You’ve been planning to leave the werewolf race and me, haven’t you?”

I averted my gaze and kept silent. Feeling guilty and hesitant, I twiddled with my fingers.

“But you don’t have any evidence to prove that you are not this Noreen witch’s accomplice!” A werewolf with a thick black beard suddenly shouted in the crowd.

Upon hearing what he said, Rufus got even more furious. He turned to the man and roared, “Shut up!”

The man was intimidated by Rufus’ imposing manner. He shrank his head in fear and didn’t dare to speak another word.

However, although he had shut up, there were still other pack members present in the crowd. And most of them were the elders of the pack. They were firm on traditions and principles of the pack, so there was no way they would willingly accept a hybrid like me.

“Prince Rufus, please take the interests of the entire empire into consideration. While Sylvia may be your mate, the truth behind Alpha Leonard’s death remains a mystery. We’d better arrest her than let her go!”

“That’s right. After Sylvia was captured by Noreen, most of the guards of the pack were sent looking for her. Alpha Leonard was left behind in the pack alone. Who knows? The entire thing could’ve been orchestrated by Sylvia and Noreen!”

I finally snapped and retorted, “You can see clearly on the crystal ball what really happened that time. You still haven’t figured out who the murderer is? Even if Noreen cast a spell on Alina and controlled her, there is no doubt that Alina stabbed the dagger in Leonard’s chest with her own hands. And what makes you so confident that Noreen really bewitched Alina? What if she is really the mastermind behind all these? If Alina really didn’t want to K*ll Leonard, how could Noreen manage to track her down and use her? Think about it!”

Everyone exchanged puzzled gazes, obviously even more confused after what I said.

One of the gray-haired elders stepped forward and spoke in a trembling voice, “We can’t just believe your crystal ball and execute Alina. Everyone knows that the crystal balls are commonly possessed and used by your black witches. Who knows if you tampered with the crystal ball to frame Alina? Alina is the daughter of the great God of War, Alpha Leonard. She shouldn’t be wronged for no reason.”

“Yes, that’s right. Besides, my father loves me so much. How could I possibly K*ll him?” Regaining her confidence with the backing of the elders, Alina once again confused the right and wrong.

“Stop pretending, Alina. Why didn’t you let anyone see Alpha Leonard’s body after he d*ied if you really didn’t K*ll him and had nothing to hide? nobody, not even the forensics specialist, was allowed to see him. That’s a mark of guilt right there!” Flora couldn’t stand it anymore and argued for me loudly while holding her bulging belly.

Clearly, she had been suppressing her rage for quite some time now as her cheeks were flushed and her expression tense. If it weren’t for the presence of the elders, she would have cursed incessantly already.

“You pretended like a devastated daughter. But why didn’t you give your father a proper funeral if you really love him so much? If it weren’t for Prince Rufus, there wouldn’t even be a mourning ceremony. It’s too bad things turned out that way for the former God of War. What kind of loving daughter would do things like that?” Flora made no attempt to show Alina any respect. She just blurted out whatever that was in her mind, which ultimately caused Alina to get flustered with shame.

“I simply want my father to rest in peace quietly,” Alina retorted dryly.

The gray-haired elder echoed, “When Alpha Leonard was alive, he kept a low profile. I don’t think he would have wanted any sort of elaborate memorial service held in his honor. Rather than arguing over such trifles, let’s focus on finding the murderer.”

I sneered. “Leonard was the Alpha and once the strongest werewolf in the empire. He had made great contributions in numerous battles. He totally deserved any kind of grand ceremony.”

“Shut up! You are Noreen’s accomplice and you have no right to say anything.” The grey-haired elder cut me off in a hoarse voice. He obviously loathed me.

At this moment, Edwin interrupted and said, “How come Sylvia has no right to say anything? As Alpha Leonard’s biological daughter, she has every right to voice her opinions about this matter.”

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