Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 817

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 817 Chaos

Sylvia’s POV:

I refrained from saying anything while Alina was busy lashing out. In fact, I even felt a little strangely relieved. Never before had I believed that I could keep this secret forever. If the opportunity now presented itself, it might be best for me to take it. If they found out that I was a witch, it might actually make it easier for me to leave in the future.

“Arrest her!” Alina was on the verge of breaking down. There was clearly a lot of suffering behind her outbursts of sobbing and yelling.

Rufus stood in front of me nervously. He had always been afraid that my real ident*ity as a hybrid of a werewolf and a black witch would be exposed. He was worried that if word got out that I was related to the black witch race, someone would use this to hurt me.

I lowered my eyes to avert my gaze. A surge of complex emotions came rushing in. But since I had chosen this path, there was no turning back.

“Go and catch Alina!” Rufus immediately ordered a sold*ier to drag Alina away.

“No! You can’t just conceal the truth because you are the prince!” Blood and tears splattered across Alina’s face. She instantly retreated behind Owen and Edwin, thinking that this would increase her odds.

“You claimed that Sylvia was a black witch. Where is your proof?” Warren asked in a hostile tone, clearly not believing Alina.

Alina gritted her teeth as she replied, “The broken crystal ball lying on the floor right now is the proof. How could she activate it if she has no knowledge about witchcraft?”

Alina’s words silenced everyone and made them all turn their attention to me.

“And it was Noreen who K*lled my father! She put me under a spell! Sylvia is clearly on Noreen’s side. She infiltrated the werewolf race as a spy for the black witch. She’s the one you need to catch!”

Alina seemed to have found some hope. She became more and more arrogant and confident.

While I found her words pathetically amusing, I also felt a slight twinge in my heart. I felt sorry for Alina because of how foolish she was.

But she also successfully aroused their suspicion, and everyone began to talk about my ident*ity.

The others, including Owen and Edwin, remained silent. They appeared to be tired of this farce.

At this crucial moment, Flora came up behind me and gently took my hand, as if she wanted to give me strength. I was moved, but also felt guilty, knowing that I owed Rufus and my friends too much.

Everyone who heard Alina’s words was somehow affected. They started looking at me suspiciously with fear evident in their eyes. They even criticized Rufus, thinking that he was biasing me just because I was his mate.

Seeing that Rufus was getting involved, I couldn’t take it anymore. To protect my loved one from getting involved, I came clean about being a black witch. 

“Yes, I am a hybrid of a werewolf and a black witch. This matter has nothing to do with anyone else around me. There’s nobody to blame but me.”

Upon hearing what I said, everyone present was shocked. At the same time, a furious Rufus commanded, “Sylvia, stop it!”

He tried to stand in front of me in an effort to shield me from the hostile stares.

But I stood firm and didn’t give in. I pushed his hand away and continued, “Although I have the blood of the black witch, I want to clarify that I have a deep grudge against Noreen. We are absolutely not on the same side. And I certainly have nothing to do with Leonard’s death.” Finally, I gave Alina a meaningful look.

She trembled all over. I didn’t know whether she was excited or scared. But she lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at me.

I looked around me with a sneer and met the frightened gazes of the people around.

“That’s all I have to say. I don’t care if you believe me or not. If you still doubt me, I’m prepared to leave the werewolf race forever.”

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