Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 812

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 812 Being Crowned

Alina’s POV:

Warren became very chatty when Flora was mentioned. But I was suddenly bored. So I excused myself, saying that I was tired. Then, I asked him to leave.

The make-up artist helped me fix my makeup and left too. I sat alone on the sofa in a daze. My breathing was the only sound in the empty room.

The sun came up gradually, and the area where the light filtered into the room became progressively wider. The dust motes in the air looked like flying moths.

I reached out to catch the dust as I did in childhood, but I was still only met with air.

Unlike in the past though, no one laughed at me for being a little fool who liked to do stupid things.

The water in the glasshad gone cold, and the servant forgot to bring me a new glassof water.

I picked up the glassand took a sip. The cold liquid slid into my stomach, dousing my remaining rational thoughts.

My heart felt as if it had been plunged into water. I should have been happy, but I felt no joy at all. All my nerve endings seemed to have gone numb, and all those words about happiness were very far from me.

Music flowed in from the window, intensifying the feeling that I was a lonely person who had been abandoned.

Today was my big day.

My mind flashed back to my last birthday party. Although it wasn’t as major a day as today, I had my father, Warren, a group of elders who loved me, and Coco, who was my most loyal maid.

Back then, I was probably the princess people envied.

But now, even though it might look from the outside like I had everything, I knew I had lost the most important things in my life.

A stream of sadness rushed from my heart to my brain, bringing with it a hint of indifference.

Fortunately, a servant walked in at that moment and informed me that the ceremony was beginning. I finally dispelled the meaningless sadness.

Although the Alpha Ceremony wasn’t as grand as the king’s coronation ceremony, everything that was required had been arranged. Only pack members were going to attend the event, but the square was still tightly packed with people. This sight gave me an unprecedented ego boost.

All those people and elders of the pack who didn’t take me seriously before now had to be respectful and waited for my orders.

All my negative thoughts suddenly disappeared and I felt that everything was worth it.

There was nothing more tempting than power and status in the world, wasn’t there?

With a dignified smile, I gracefully placed my hand with a huge diamond ring on my chest and saluted them back.

Warren began to recite the succession edict, and everyone listened attentively. 

Then Owen came on the stage and presented me with a black sapphire ring, which exhibited my new status as the Alpha. The ring appeared black in the absence of light. However, as soon as the sun shone on it, it would emit a bright blue light.

Owen placed the ring on my finger and tied the golden cloak for me.

The whole process was solemn and serious.

It was only when it was time for my crowning that my heart began racing. This was the most important step of the Alpha Ceremony. If I passed this portion, I would be the real Alpha of this pack.

Edwin walked onto the stage with a peac*oc*k crown in his hand. The Alpha crown of each pack was unique. The Silver Moon Pack’s totem was a peac*oc*k, so the previous Alpha crowns were the same peac*oc*k style.

Just as Edwin was about to crown me, Sylvia and Prince Rufus suddenly appeared.

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