Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 811

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 811 Knight’s Love

Alina’s POV:

By the time dawn broke on the horizon, I had already freshened up.

Outside the room stood a row of servants carrying all the things needed for the Alpha Ceremony.

The crown, made of pure gold and designed like a peac*oc*k’s tail, was recently unearthed from the pack’s museum. The feather designs, among other details, were realistically carved. When I was born, the best craftsman in the pack crafted this for me to wear on the day I became the Alpha. It was also a great blessing from my father.

I touched the ruby on the crown. Thinking of my father, my heart suddenly stopped.

It was a pity that my father wasn’t around to watch me take over his position.

He had always put the members of the pack before himself. When he was alive, he worried that I would cause problems for the pack if I took over his position. This time, he had no chance to stop me anymore.

Dressed in a traditional white robe, I smoothened the gold thread embroidery in front. I was in a trance.

What I used to dislike had now become the only thing I’d got.

I bent slightly and asked my servant to put the crown on my head, along with the matching ruby necklace and earrings.

As I gazed at my reflection with the sparkling jewels, I felt like everything was just a dream.

Just a month ago, I was still a hopeless loser who had no control over my fate.

But now, I could control the life and death of countless individuals. After the ceremony, my life would take a ma*s*sive turn.

I took a deep breath and followed the servant slowly to the lounge.

At about seven o’clock, there was a knock on the door. Warren came in to walk me through the entire process of the ceremony.

Dressed in high-end clothes, with an extraordinary temperament, he would be presiding over the ceremony. Although he had lost a lot of weight, his gorgeous face was still clearly defined.

The sun streaming in through the window shone on him, dispelling his innate coldness and slightly warming up his features.

I stood up and walked to him, smiling. “You came early.” Warren’s facial expression didn’t shift at all. Instead, he offered a cordial grin and responded, “Let’s just get this over with. There are still a lot of things to do later.”

I nodded and invited him to have a seat. During this time, Warren had been handling a lot of matters of the pack. Perhaps as a result of losing a loving father figure, Warren suddenly became stead*ier and more matured than ever, which made him all the more attractive.

Looking at his side profile, my heart skipped a beat.

Because of my father’s death, not only did Edwin become gray-haired overnight, but Owen also started feeling down in the dumps. The two pillars of the pack gradually delegated power and authority to others, obviously not wanting to deal with the pack’s affairs anymore.

So once the ceremony was over, I would officially announce that Warren would take over the position of Beta.

From today on, Warren would officially become my most devoted aide.

I poured a cup of warm tea for Warren and said in a soft voice, “There won’t be any problem with the ceremony, trust me. Have you had breakfast? Do you want something to eat?”

Without raising his head, Warren scrawled on the paper and replied, “No, thanks.”

After thinking for a while, I got off the couch and sat next to him. I leaned over and asked, “Is there anything else I need to pay attention to?”

Warren covered the pen with the cap, stood up, and summoned the dresser inside to fix my makeup.

Since we would not be alone anymore, it got difficult for me to get close to him and talk to him in private.

Warren had been like this recently. In all of our interactions, he had maintained an air of casual politeness and formality. Although he had been a man of few words since birth, he used to be very chatty whenever he was in my presence. But now, he seemed distant and quiet.

There was nothing I could do to make things better between us.

Warren’s indifference made me realize that we couldn’t go back to the good old days.

The make-up artist came in shortly to fix my makeup. I tried to make myself look decent and generous. Then I smiled at Warren and asked, “Where is Flora? Have you two set a date for your wedding?”

For the first time today, Warren met my eyes and flashed a grin. “The wedding will happen soon. We will get married sometime after the Alpha Ceremony.”

Warren’s expression of pure joy at the mention of Flora made it seem as though everything else was meaningless in his eyes, except for her.

Suddenly, my smile froze. I felt like my heart was pricked by a needle, and I couldn’t f0rce a smile anymore.

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