Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1010

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1010 Clumsy Lies

Rufus’ POV:

After Flora and Joanna left, I remained quietly on the throne for a while, thinking about our conversations from earlier. Then, I asked a subordinate beside me, “What do you think of their stories?”

As for me, I didn’t buy a single word of it. Actually, both their accounts were consistent, but they were pretty far -fetched.

Joanna was brought up by Noreen and was trained as a k*il*ler since she was a child.

I had never met Noreen in person, but I knew from my mother that that black witch was a ruthless and powerful woman. Noreen would never do meaningless things, nor waste her time cultivating a fool.

Since Joanna could disguise as a boy and lurk in the school and the army for so long, she must have a rigorous and low-key way of doing things. If that was the case, stealing a dress would be the last thing she would do. Her justification for trying on the dress was that she was sick of wearing men’s clothes all the time.

She would never do such a stupid thing.

Besides, Alina was a vindictive woman. Would she be so forgiving if she found out that Joanna had stolen her dress?

The answer was definitely no. Alina would either cause a scene, or make Joanna’s life a living hell. But as far as I could tell, Alina and Joanna used to get along just fine. There were many logical loopholes in Flora’s and

Joanna’s stories, but I couldn’t seem to point a finger on a glaring mistake. So I had to let them go back for now.

The subordinate said frankly, “After receiving your order yesterday, I went and searched online with the photos of Alpha Crystal snapped from the surveillance footage, and found that there was no useful information about her everywhere. Later, our spies claimed Flora had spent the night at Crystal’s, so I set out to investigate her first. I didn’t expect to indeed find some clues.”

“So, you also don’t believe what they just said?” I asked with my brows furrowed.

The subordinate lowered his head and said nothing. His mere silence confirmed my suspicions.

I sneered. Flora and Joanna thought they had deceived everyone, but their clumsy lies were too apparent. Only fools would believe what they said.

Although the picture only showed the woman in profile and was not enough to prove that it was Crystal, it was definitely not Joanna.

“The truth is, Crystal’s background is too clean. I find it a little strange,” my subordinate added.

I sneered, “Of course it’s strange. How could a person not leave any information on the Internet at all? It’s very suspicious to say the least.”

Joanna’s responses were indeed flawless, but I had seen Flora’s demeanor. It was obvious that she was guilty. The moment she heard I wanted to see Joanna, she grew even more flustered.

Also, she mentioned that Crystal used to be rebellious when she was young. But Crystal didn’t seem to be defiant at all. Even if she was, she knew where to draw the lines and would definitely not cross them.

Besides, a rebellious person wouldn’t live the same way as the nuns. The fact that she carried some jerk’s offspring struck me as the most rebellious act she had ever committed.

Thinking of this, I became even more suspicious. If Crystal was Leonard’s distant relative, she should have been born into a good family. But my men couldn’t dig up anything about her parents. Their titles and deeds should have been registered even though Crystal’s parents were already dead.

“Your Majesty, do we still need to investigate further?” the subordinate asked.

I thought for a while before replying, “No, but there is another thing you need to do.”

After some consideration, I instructed him to look into Warren and Harry.

I thought they would also know something since the four of them were cla*s*smates, not to mention they became mates later. Flora and Joanna must have told them something.

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