Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1009

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1009 Saved

Flora’s POV:

Sure enough, Rufus didn’t create more hurdles and let us leave after a short silence.

As soon as I stepped out, I couldn’t stop the smile that split my face. When we were far away enough from Rufus’ palace that it wasn’t even in sight anymore, I finally dared to laugh. Hugging Joanna warmly, I said, “You are truly my heroine. How are you so smart? Your words matched my lie perfectly.”

Joanna smiled and explained, “Rufus suddenly summoned me and questioned me about the period when I had disguised myself as a man. In that room, you were the only one who could’ve mentioned it. So regardless of what he asked me, as long as I mentioned you, it would be fine.”

“What about that dress? How did you know you needed to claim you were the one in that photo?” I continued asking.

Joanna grabbed my hand and pulled me down on a bench as she replied, “That photo had become viral. I also saw it on Harry’s phone back then. Although only the woman’s side profile was visible, I knew she must be Crystal. After all, you two are very close. Besides, since you were so nervous and had lied, I deduced that something was wrong. I couldn’t expose Crystal, so I had to say I was that woman. Additionally, as you had mentioned to Rufus about my disguise as a man, I could roughly gauge what had happened. It was also quite easy to say that the dress belonged to Alina. The news that Rufus almost strangled her in anger at the ball is widespread. Even I, a person who rarely surfs the Internet, have heard of it.”

“You are so amazing!” I held Joanna’s arm and praised her openly. If she had been a male, she would have been chased by many she-wolves, probably including me! She was so gorgeous and smart.

“I just made a few guesses. I didn’t expect to get them right.” Joanna colored and smiled shyly.

“No, no, no. Your deductions were so logical. You didn’t just make random guesses.” I was so relieved that I clutched Joanna’s hand and wanted to take her to see Crystal.

However, Joanna stopped me. In a calm voice, she said, “We’d better not go and meet Crystal so openly now. Although we managed to hoodwink Rufus, no one knows what is running through his mind. I don’t believe that he has given up his suspicions. He will definitely continue his surveillance of Crystal.”

“I almost forgot that.” I smacked my palm on my forehead. Fortunately, Joanna warned me. We were better off keeping a low profile now.

“We can walk around for a while and go meet her later. This will show Rufus that we are not nervous,” Joanna suggested.

I nodded. “Yes, in Rufus’ eyes, we are better friends with each other than with Crystal. So we can’t be agitated now. We will have to act naturally and give Rufus the impression that his questions haven’t rattled us.”

“Yes, that is exactly what I meant.”

After reaching an agreement, Joanna and I went to a nice restaurant outside the palace for breakfast. During breakfast, Joanna spotted someone following us. He must have been sent by Rufus.

I continued talking to Joanna as if nothing was wrong. I cracked jokes during the meal to make her laugh and then we went shopping. I bought a few things for Lucas while Joanna purchased a scarf for Harry.

We behaved like friends who hadn’t met each other for several years. We went shopping, ate delicious food, and chatted about our own families.

We hung out together till the afternoon. After confirming that no one was following us anymore, we went to meet Crystal.

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