Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1008

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1008 The Accident

Flora’s POV:

I never imagined I’d be hanged to death one day.

But even so, I had no remorse over what I did to protect Crystal. The only people I still worried about were Lucas and Warren. I couldn’t imagine what their life would be like after I was gone.

The thought of them two really made me miserable and sad.

Joanna answered Rufus’ question, “Flora must know it.” “Yes, I did.” I finally gave up and responded in a feeble voice.

Joanna continued, “Then, I went to the army and shared a room with Harry. Naturally, Harry was aware of this as well.” While talking about this, Joanna paused for a moment and explained Harry’s ident*ity, “Harry is my mate, the son of Alpha Martin from Sunset Pack.”

“I knew him. He is the one with the funny hair style. I remember that his father used to take him to the imperial palace,” Rufus said lightly.

“Except for Flora and Harry, no one knew that I had disguised myself as a man. To be honest, I want to thank Flora. She is the first person to know my secret and has done a great job keeping it safe for me.”

I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect Joanna to give such a flawless and perfect answer!

“You’re welcome. We’re all good friends. It’s my ple@sure.” I smiled like a blooming flower. Now, my dispirited mood was gone. I was no longer afraid that Rufus would execute me!

Joanna was so smart!

Rufus nodded, showing that he didn’t doubt Joanna’s ident*ity anymore. He then took out the photo and asked Joanna, “Do you know this person?”

At this point, panic set in once more. I held my breath and hoped Joanna could read my mind as I stared intently at her.

Joanna was stunned for a moment, but she later feigned a surprise voice, saying, “Isn’t this my photo? How did you find it? This photo was taken a long time ago.”

Then, lowering her head, she added shyly, “This dress belonged to Alina, and I just couldn’t help but try it on since I had been disguising myself as a man for a long time. But I did return it to her.”

Damn it! Awesome! I was cheering for Joanna in my heart. I didn’t think she would be able to perfectly say the words I wanted her to.

Now that Joanna had testified, Rufus would definitely not find out anything even if he continued to investigate. After all, it had been so many years, and those needed to be erased had all been dealt with by Laura.

It was unlikely for Rufus to question an incarcerated Alina just for that matter.

“Where is your mole?” Rufus asked in a low, yet stern, voice, as he studied Joanna’s face intently.

I was stunned. What mole?

Then I remembered the tiny mole at the corner of Crystal’s eye.

My god! Why did Rufus have to be so meticulous?

“Right after becoming Alpha of the pack, I got into a car accident. I suffered an injury around my eye and I had to undergo a surgery. Because of that, my mole was removed,” Joanna answered calmly. Although we both knew she was lying, her answer sounded convincing enough for there was indeed an accident and she indeed had the surgery. There was still a small scar at the corner of her eye, which was barely noticeable.

I also echoed, “I’ve heard of this accident. It seemed to have been orchestrated by the elders of your pack.”

“Yes, they were just a group of old timers who looked down on women. They wanted to k*il*l me so they could have a new Alpha, a male one. At that time, the whole bridge was blown up. Fortunately, Harry was with me and risked his own life to save me.” Joanna’s expression remained unchanged, but her voice betrayed her grief. “It’s all in the past. Your pack is continuously improving and progressing.” While comforting Joanna, I peeped at Rufus. He was sitting on the throne with an indifferent expression, as if he was not interested in this narrative.

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