Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1006

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1006 The Only Photo That Let Out

Rufus’ POV:

My suspicions were confirmed when I witnessed Flora’s panic.

I had the strangest feeling that it was Crystal in this photo. Even though I had only seen her face with a mask once and I could barely make out the woman’s face in the phone I was holding, my gut told me that the girl in the photo was absolutely Crystal. No two people could have the same mole in the same exact location. Such a coincidence was impossible, unless the two were the same person.

Furthermore, this dress matched the one worn by the she-wolf who danced with me at the ball in my memory. Although I couldn’t see her face, I a*s*sumed the owner of this dress should be Crystal.

Crystal and Flora were seen exchanging heartfelt greetings on the day of the military parade. They didn’t look like new friends at all.

In fact, the thing that bugged me the most was that Flora’s reaction was too strange. Her own story contradicted what she said before. She was full of lies. It was obvious that she was deliberately hiding something. “That’s Joanna in the picture,” Flora suddenly said.

“Joanna? Is there such a person?” I narrowed my eyes in suspicion. This was really an unexpected answer. Flora was on the verge of telling the truth, and I thought she might take the plunge. But she was so savvy that she decided to use a phony name instead. It was just absurd. “It was John, a fellow student of ours, who was disguised as a man. Her real name was Joanna,” Flora said confidently.

I frowned and felt that name was a little familiar.

“At the beginning, only I knew her secret disguising as a man. The she-wolf in the photo was her. Later, when her ident*ity was exposed, she left the capital and returned to her pack. Your mother also knew about it, but she let Joanna go for the sake of her poor background,” Flora added.

“Where is Joanna now? Which pack is she from?” There was something about this name that seemed familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

At this time, one of my subordinates reminded me in a low voice, “It’s the Alpha from Smog Pack. She was also at the parade. And there was indeed a person named John among those students in that cl@ssback then.”

“Then, have Joanna come over right this minute. If it was indeed her, we will find out.” I snorted coldly.

Speaking of the Smog Pack, I knew something about it. Their Alpha was competent and had done a good job of leading the pack in the past few years. Even though I had only met her a handful of times, in my mind, I pictured a lovely and serious she-wolf, though not nearly as stunning as the woman in the picture, unless she could have the same mole.

Flora’s face suddenly turned pale. She stammered, “Joanna may not be at the palace right now.”

“You know her so well?” I squinted at her.

Flora looked flustered, “Of course. After all, she was my cla*s*smate, and I was the first one to know her secret.”

Flora appeared to be worried that I would bother Joanna with my questions. That was a typical sign of guilt.

With a stone cold expression, I responded, “No matter where she is, she won’t leave the capital city. The parade ceremony hasn’t finished yet. Without my order, no Alpha from any pack can leave.” Then I gave orders to my subordinate, “Find her as soon as possible.”

After receiving my order, he immediately went out to call Joanna over.

At the same time, Flora and I continued with our confrontation.

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